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The implementation of the operating system scheduling algorithm, the page replacement algorithm implementation

1. Use a "first come, first served (FCFS)" algorithm and the "shortest job first (SJF)" algorithm simulates job scheduling.Requirements: Enter the job according to the order of arrival of each job requires running time, according to the scheduling algorithm outputs the average tu...

Operating system experiment JOS Lab1 (from MIT 6.828)

Postgraduate courses of the computer systems design and implementation of experiment MIT 6.828 experiment is the source, and has been modified Lab1 is booting a PC Make grade by...

Operating system memory and recovery

For the display window operating system memory allocation and recovery mechanisms, is the classic case of operating system and memory allocation. Works based on Windows API programming, you can learn to share....

Memory management in the operating system curriculum designs the source code

Memory management in the operating system curriculum designs the source code and executable files, available to the operating system curriculum designs, experimental operating system, Contribute to further learning and understanding the operating system. Storage management features in...

Elevator operating system job scheduling

A one-storey 20-storey, five interconnected elevators. An elevator dispatcher based on Si Ching wants to write. Ü each elevator should have some keys: digital key, door key, door key, and so on. Ü each floor of each lift entrance, should have the up and down buttons. Ü five lift door button is co...

The operating system curriculum designs file systems

Based on the FAT32 file system, you can add, delete, and modify the file or the file name, and provides operations similar to the DOS method                            &n...

Experimental operating system file management

Operating systems file management using c language implementation. Secondary files directory. Reading and writing of files, shared between different users, rights management, such as opening and closing operations. In DOS with the instruction....

The operating system

In ucos of a backgammon game, achieved under the touch screen, code all the comments....

Operating system problems of synchronization and mutual exclusion across the bridge

The operating system is synchronized to exclusive issue has been a problem, as opposed to single-plank bridge is concerned, in the middle of two people and both sides can live only once a person's problem is more complex, how to achieve a greater degree of synchronization the algorithm is also more...

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