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Reservoir numerical simulation

One-dimensional oil-water reservoir numerical simulation using Thomas solve 3 diagonal matrix, full stealth solution method for pressure. Reservoir is homogeneous. One-dimensional oil-water two-phase reservoir numerical simulation, we use Thomas three diagonal matrix, using stealth method to solve s...

Unstructured Delaunay mesh generation Fortran source program

Cover flow model and numerical simulation of the Fortran source code, there are details of the non-structured mesh Delaunay triangular mesh of two-dimensional source, with a note, there is momentum and energy equations are calculated, is a classical source, available for reference, it is worth learn...

Numerical simulation of two-dimensional Rayleigh-B é Nard convection system

By SIMPLE arithmetic the two-dimensional Rayleigh-B é Nard numerical simulations of convection system,  convection using upwind, and takes an implicit Difference schemes obtained results agree well with the literature....

The generalized conforming triangular plate element program

Generalized conforming plate element program, thickness GM, generate shell single 90-degree corners without limitation, high precision, compiled by the fortran language from, China University of Mining production. Program can be used to good work industrialization....

Source code and application of finite-difference method

The MATLAB implementation of Finite Difference method, including some application examples:Another Comparison of Iterative Solvers;equation GUI FDM Discretization;FEM Analysis of truss;Numerical simulation of solution of orange droplet in a soupPoisson 9-Stencil;Poisson Equation Discretiza...

Phased array antenna beam forming

Application backgroundThe beamforming and radiation pattern of various linear and planar phased antenna arrays configurations are presented. They are intended for use in indoor location estimation and wireless process monitoring applications based on the determining of direction-...

numerical simulation

Numerical simulation, two-dimensional, can be run, not perfect, phase shift forward...

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