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The source code to connect to the database, and implements the Sqlserver and access

This code implements a c++ implemented by ADO to connect to a database and do the appropriate type and exception handling, test yourself you can use...

Database curriculum design of news management system

A newspaper subscriptions in the course design of database management system, which contains several user roles, system administrator, Messenger, Web page display interface...

Database-management system

Database management system, very good course design resources for deletions to check on an instructional management system, mainly by the c # compiler, using my SQL data, connecting them, make simple teaching management system....

Database management systems

Database management systems with QT client, command version, not the SQL statements is to complete his command and then download, suitable for beginners, and inux SQL have a preliminary understanding of students can achieve a simple Linux Server SQL data to create, query, delete, and so on. The main...

Database management systems

  Dormitory management system, better ... Contains development documents, document E_R graph and detailed description of the content integrity, full...

VB database operations, registration and login system

V main interface to register or login, after logging in to fill in the relevant information, database entry, and so on.  (VB mySQL database)...

Python Oracle database tools class

oracle python database operations tools  Database Configuration  self.db_config_local = {'USER': 'system', 'HOST': '', 'PASSWORD': '', 'PORT': '1521', 'NAME': 'orcl'}      Usage  oracle = DataBaseDrive (). oracle       sql_str = "select * where...

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