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数据库工具 机遇mysql 提供连接 查询 更新 删除 具有与数据库 表 无关的封装性...

Database tools to provide opportunities to connect mysql query update delete database table has nothing to do with the encapsulation...


a manual for Oracal-one kind of database tools...

Java documentation

Hotel management system software, this software is written in Java language, there are source code, databases, tools were developed using Eclipse. Compulsory placement or changes may cause an error, you should have a list control, such as file size, viewing tools, direct view DDS images and text...

MsSql database tool

Database utility helps database management and developer efficiency small tools source code.SQL Tools tool may not be supported by the system solutionIf the system database is not installed or is missing components, may result in the program does not work properly! Did not come with a solution in th...

C #, Linq database tools

By configuring a connected SQLServer, access to table fields.Generate a three-tier system:Automatic generation of Model layers, DAL and BLL. Add a data access layer with the usual deletions and other methods.Generate LinqToEntity Biz:Automatically generate add biz deletions and other methods, you ca...

Python Oracle database tools class

oracle python database operations tools  Database Configuration  self.db_config_local = {'USER': 'system', 'HOST': '', 'PASSWORD': '', 'PORT': '1521', 'NAME': 'orcl'}      Usage  oracle = DataBaseDrive (). oracle       sql_str = "select * where...

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