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Discrete algorithm for data mining

This algorithm was written in java. Basically,  when you have a lot of variables in your data base, generally their aren't in a range [1 -1], sometimes the data are redundant or they are in a continuous range, and this produces errors that have to be eliminated. Therefore, t...

Data mining

Through the data mining functionality in Visual Studio, using data warehouse for data analysis, mainly OLAP methods are used for specific research and analysis, which subdivide the relationship and structure of the database, statistical research and analysis of all the data, the result is combined w...

Aporial for mining frequent items algorithm in data mining

The algorithm of data mining based on candidate mining frequent item sets, to the processing of data, we used a HashMap data to simulate the initial phase of the table to make it according to the degree of support to find support from the candidate set of frequent items, mining frequent item and the...

Data mining algorithm

Various classical algorithms are commonly used in data mining, including deterministic discrete Bayes, Boltzmann machine, LVQ, EM, fuzzy k-means, genetic algorithms, LMS, such as PCA, NLPCA algorithms, also contains a number of data sets available to experiment with, can make users more quickly from...

Java code for data mining

This code is to train for new programmer how to code with Java for implementation in Data Mining. This is a useful code....

Data mining, aPriori algorithm

The first step is to use findFrequentOneItemSets () generates 1-frequent, which as long as statistics of how many times each item appears on it. Followed by Of order 2, 3, ... ..., k-frequent k frequency set is empty the algorithm stops. The aprioriGenCandidates () function to all the frequen...

Bayers data mining implementation

Naive Bayes algorithm is a classification method based on Bayes ' theorem and the characteristics of conditional independence assumption. For a given training data set, based on the characteristics Joint probability  distributions of independent and assumed the input/output and...

Data Mining


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