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article Analyzer

The "article Analyzer 'main function is: as long as the user enters a student's article, then the system will automatically calculate the student in the article that the number of words used. To understand the English proficiency of students and to what extent, the teacher can facilitate students' l...

The sparse coding of image restoration

ICCV meeting, articles on sparse coding for image restoration, PDF format, downloads of the source code is also given in the article URL....

Operations research and optimization MATLAB programming article code

"MATLAB Programming Operations Research and Optimization," the article's source code, mathematical modeling necessary, you want to be useful...

aodv papers

AODV is a mature and widely accepted routing protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks(MANET), it has low processing and memory overhead and low network utilization, and works well even in high mobility situation, but it has scalable problem for large mobile networks. ...

Paper for DDM

In this paper we have focused a variety of techniques, approaches and different areas of the research which are helpful and marked as the important field of data mining Technologies. As we are aware that many MNC’s and large organizations are operated in different places of the different count...

Code as well as article about mean-shift

On the meanshift algorithm is the most comprehensive collection of information, compressed bag contains the mean shift algorithm for Word documents, PPT data, target tracking algorithm based on meanshift (MATLAB), as well as a knowledge base...

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