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2543 and C51 microcontroller using a real-time measurement of voltage

2543 C51 microcontroller using real-time measurements and voltage measurements accurately! Can be used as learning materials C51 MCU and beginner's 2543!...


Chebyshev 用切比雪夫多项式逼近已知函数 Legendre 用勒让德多项式逼近已知函数 Pade 用帕德形式的有理分式逼近已知函数 lmz 用列梅...

Vehicle detection and tracking using OpenCV

This is the source code of vehicle detection and tracking using OpenCV.  It was tested and can run very well. It implements road vehicle detection and tracking. This is a very hot topic in traffic area....

Using OpenCV, C++ implementation of vehicle license plate recognition system

Vehicle license plate recognition system Places that need attention: VC++6.0 development tools, a simple SDI frame structure, once a bitmap (there is interested can make MDI) 1) data is bitmap information by a line from left to right, line by line to line up. 2) should be a multi...

Thread programming using Python

Add another instance of the queue, the queue is then passed to the first thread pool class ThreadURL. Then, for another thread pool class DatamineThread, copied almost exactly the same structure. In the run method in this class, get Web pages from each thread in the queue, blocks of text, then uses...


 A Smart home system focuses on controlling home electronic devices whether you are inside or outside your home. Smart Home gives an individual the ability to remote...

dc motor control using atmal

A vehicle tracking system combines the installationof an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet ofvehicles, with purpose-designed computer software toenable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle'slocation, collecting data in the process. Modernvehicle tracking systems commonly use Global...

Using DCT for image enhancement

DCT transform domain, using a formula for enhanced image quality. Is that in the case of keeping the same image, to shift more of the energy to high-frequency sound, looks more clearly stated. To fast for compression in the transmission process to enhance the images, DCT-domain image enhancement tec...

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