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The Quake 3 Arena full game source code Edition v1.32

Q3 of source code 1) will all engineering property Win32 Debug, to Win32 Release 2) in work district fileview in the, right hit "UI files" engineering, left hit "uninstall engineering", this a step is key, or will appeared errors 3) in menu bar in followed by click "Engineering"--> "from property...

To fight rats games

Entry-level fight rats games based on MFC, the program can be statistical number of player points earned, to escape, shoot number, the number of mistakes, "Gophers" randomly appear within the grid, players through mouse control "hammer", left-click the drop-hammer, click on "...

Window8 fight rats games

Window8 system based on +VS2012 's "fight rats" game, using the c # language, exquisite game interface, there is a certain value of learning....

Write a JavaScript racing game

A racing game written in JavaScript, is relatively simple, for beginners learning reference...

Guess the number game

Guess the number game written in C++ for beginners reference....

Plain c version of the micro-airplane games

The game simulates the micro-channel planes games, but slightly different, play what you know ^ _ ^Resources include source code, game footage, executable program (precompiled)ps: The game uses pure C language, did not use any game engine...

Delicate scenes first view angle 3D shooter game

Using VB to do a 3D game, Exquisite first-person 3D shooting game, use the API to scene graph effect processes, beginners should make reference...

Tetris game

I saw a magazine about Tetris game reviews, compiled a moment of excitement to the game, less than one  thousand lines of code will be able to achieve its basic functions, interested friends can also put its extensions  look...

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