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Spring Ebook

about this bookThe Spring Framework was created with a very specific goal in mind—to make developing Java EE applications easier. Along the same lines, Spring in Action, Third Editionwas written to make learning how to use Spring easier. My goal is not to give you ablow-by-blow listing of Spring A...


QT电子书的代码 这个是我以前下载的 忘记在哪了 这只是一个小小的电子书 里面加了一些东西 比如颜色之类的...

EBook reader

Also there are several upgrades on this code base APK, interested can look at, maybe you can make a better result. Advertising, added some code, everyone can see, and can be ignored....

Non-smart phone Java txt eBooks

Back then still using Nokia's little phone, write their own eBook program he read many novels with this program, specially designed to meet your habits. Haha. Keyboard support for different models are not good, want to have altered the code myself....


≪> books, a rare good books about LINUX driver development....

E-book reader

A txt text reader Demo Android platform, supports txt file, select and open the SD card reading, supporting previous, next, auto scroll, bookmark support sets the font size, color, background color, support keyword searches, support phone calls and text messages for the selected text, supports brigh...

E Books for college Library

Storing the books and author information, just like electronic library,  Admin Login Logout, view books, by author features are available, developed in PHP 4.0 version using HTML and Mysql. ... e-book, which details the basic syntax introduced various controls for use, and how to develop windowsAPI program, for people to learn VB programming, this is a very good information....

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