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Chat clients

VC socket implementation of the chat room, a server and multiple clients. Multiple clients can use the server for...

Chat room project

This is a chat room that I do, everyone on the LAN connect one IP, and are in this range, can chat...

Chat source code

Developed in Java language-based simulated online chat programs, you can select a different mood. Web pages using javaweb technologies JSP, using JS to achieve dynamic interactions between users and Web pages. This source code is intended for beginners, pages clean and comfortable. If you downloaded...

Chat room (simple multiplayer chat features)

This is a simple Java chat rooms, are only provided to experiment some students just learning Java, this article is for informational purposes only. the code has comments, and hope that readers can read the code, this experiment has some errors, such as only one of the messages, not fire...

Chat System

Example project of Chat System:  A complete example of client server chat system.  However, for demo purposes, I'll use a static array. I know, you won't be able to use it in your web farm. Take this article as the concept, not as a solution. This simple web chat program...

Chat System (client server)

The source code is an implementation of chat application. Following are the features it provides. GUI for server. Start server by entering port number. (host is defaulted as localhost).      Server waiting for clients to listen on the port. Funct...

Chatting tools

The program is a chat tool   written in MFC   multiplayer chat, written with the TCP protocol                       ...

Client Side on Chat

code developed through the help of buck tutorials. its the client side of my earlier code on chat by sparna, this one is just the other side...

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