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This program is my entry for video processing procedures, including video detect...

This program is my entry for video processing procedures, including video detection and contour tracing, hope for all of us...

Audio and video processing

Audio and video processing including: file open play suspended recovery and a series of operations, the xD is just a role...

Video Processing

Our goal is to reveal temporal variations in videos that are difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye and display them inan indicative manner. Our method, which we call Eulerian VideoMagnification, takes a standard video sequence as input, and applies spatial decomposition, followed by temp...

OpenCV vehicle speed detection in video

Road traffic, vehicle detection, speed-measuring. OpenCV video processing, vehicle detection in video....

VGA256 color video processing

To display the character, you first need to obtain a matrix of data, we try font software PCtoLCD2002 (withThere are sets of discs, are also widely available on the Internet under). The font software with 1bit representative color of a pixel,The user can decide which color 1bit data (0 or 1) represe...

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