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distribution system load flow

%Formation of bus admittance matrix using line data j=sqrt(-1);i=sqrt(-1); tic;  baseimp=(basekv*basekv)/basemva;  Ibase=basemva*1000/(sqrt(3)*(basekv));                                     &...

Dice points and maximum probability

Every time you throw the dice can occur at different points, consecutive throwing n dice, experience points and the highest probability is calculated by...

Finite Volume Method Elliptic 1D MATLAB with dirichlet and Neumann boundary condition

Finite Volume Method Elliptic 1D MATLAB with dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditionSolve equation -u_xx=f with dirichlet and Neumann boundary condition...

noise generation with required distribution

this is a matlab code to generate desired noise with required distribution function based on Metropolis Rejection Method.  ...

Latent dirichlet distribution topics model LDA

LDA is a document theme generation model, also known as a three-layer Bayesian probability model for three-layer structure, themes, and document that contains the word. Document to the topic subject to dirichlet distributions, subject to terms to be polynomial distributed. LDA is an unsupervis...

Generated duoweigaosi distribution probability density function

Normal distribution, also called the Gaussian distribution (Gaussian distribution), in fields such as mathematics, physics and engineering is a very important probability distributions in statistics has influence in many ways. GM is also the only method is to f (t) from negative infinity to x variab...

Asset return distributions fitting and testing

In statistical inference, generally assumed to generally follow some distribution (such as the normal distribution), and then on the basis of the distribution, construct the corresponding statistics, according to the statistic distribution and statistical inference, and statistic's distribution is u...

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