Beginning DirectX 9 (Game Development Series) by Wendy Jones

2015-04-14 03:12    By:troithukiniem      View:135      Download:1

There exists a gap in the game programming market where beginning programmers are finding themselves without an introductory guide. Existing books focus on the 3D component of DirectX only, leaving readers without a complete understanding of DirectX. In order to fully understand DirectX and the game...

DirectX C++

DirectShow Development Guide, pdf books and source code

2015-04-03 06:57    By:waangyan      View:160      Download:0

Lu Qiming, DirectShow development guide. Including PDF books as well as the original attached source code. A certain foundation in personal opinion, this book is suitable for readers reference....

DirectShow C++

With HLSL and DirectX 9.0c language model implements two different light sources

2015-03-24 08:47    By:supersaiyan      View:97      Download:1

Frank d. Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0c----a Shader Approach the 10th chapter of exercise 4 answer. You can switch by pressing the number keys 0, 1, to indicate different lighting. Two light source rotates around the Earth....

DirectX C++

DirectX 9.0c implemented in HLSL language uses two different methods of specular reflection

2015-03-06 21:51    By:supersaiyan      View:7013      Download:0

By pressing the number key to switch to a different method of specular reflection and can be visually observed differences. This is a Frank d. Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0c----a Shader Approach the 10th chapter answers to exercise first. Code steps a more detailed, mor...

DirectX C++

directx triangle

2015-04-01 05:25    By:wyllulu      View:101      Download:0

Applications written in Direct3D use vertices to draw geometric shapes. Each three-dimensional (3D) scene includes one or more of these geometric shapes. The Vertices sample project creates the simplest shape, a triangle, and renders it to the display....

DirectX C++

[Source code]. [DIRECTX.9.0.3D game development programming]

2015-01-10 04:40    By:zombie      View:70      Download:0

BookDIRECTX.9.0.3D of game development programming fundamentals ( included with source code...

DirectX C++

Direct3D link up game source code

2015-03-03 11:47    By:sdhexu      View:38      Download:2

This is the source code of link up game developed Using Direct3D. It is very good for beginners to learn DirectX. In order to increase the difficulty, back move function was disabled. When you choose a picture, it will be highlighted, when you quit, it will blink. There are also many other features...

DirectX Visual C++

DirectX Winsock Sample

2014-12-18 19:23    By:Anddos      View:45      Download:0

Demonstrates a DirectX 9 Application Using winsock (UDP) with .X DirectX Model format. You will need visual studio and the DirectX sdk to compile....

DirectX C++

Using C++ and DirectX to render a firework scene.

2014-12-15 06:48    By:katherine_sun      View:24      Download:0

It includes ten files. There are three pictures, and the firewok is the result picture. And the firework.cpp is the main file. It demonstrates the PSystem::Firework system....

DirectX C++

Direct3D example (Rotating Cube)

2014-12-30 19:58    By:suathd      View:33      Download:2

Rotating Cube, with Texture and Scrolling Text. Works with almost all Delphi Versions (including XE5)...

DirectX Delphi

Multi-Focus Image Fusion in DCT Domain

2015-04-13 02:31    By:MBA      View:30      Download:1

Attached is the simulation of following multi-focus image fusion methods:       (1) DCT+Variance  (2) DCT+Variance+CV       proposed in:       M.B.A. Haghighat, A. Aghagolzadeh, H. Seyedarabi, "Multi-Focus...

Image Processing Matlab

PArticle Filter Toolbox PArticle Tool box

2015-04-08 07:23    By:oceanpearl      View:94      Download:0

The object of this toolbox is to provide a MATLAB framework for nonlinear filteringin general, and pArticle filtering in particular. This is done by Using the objectorientedprogramming paradigm, resulting in truly expandable code. Three typesof discrete and nonlinear state-space models are supported...

Matlab Matlab

Birthday reminder tool Using CListCtrl, ButtonST

2015-03-15 03:34    By:pastroal      View:39      Download:0

Birthday reminder tool VC6, able to manage your contacts, CDialog interface, Using CListCtrl sort header can insert pictures, sort, every color of each row, the cell can set the checkbox and pictures Interface ButtonST Contacts include name, phone number, date of birth, save the...

Windows C++

A complete library of select models

2015-01-18 06:58    By:bsnry      View:16      Download:0

This is a complete select i/o network library based, encapsulated into a DLL directly Using the DLL you can, was written by VC6, Code is good....

Windows C++

unity3d Xffect Editor

2015-04-14 07:57    By:wangcccc      View:65      Download:1

Unity3d Xffect effects plug-in Editor Pro special effects editor Professional Edition, the built-in Demo,  you can reference for learners...

unity 特效 C#

Qt how to call DirectX sample code

2014-12-21 18:57    By:minking      View:28      Download:0

Qt how to call DirectX sample code Running test compiles under Qt 4.7.4, familiar with Qt for beginners called DirectX can be a great help!...

Windows C++

NSCT Toolbox

2015-03-16 09:39    By:nwpurain      View:36      Download:0

Non-sampling contour wave multiscale image transformation (NSCT) toolbox, implementation code for  Matlab version. Multi-scale image analysis can be used, such as image compression, image segmentation,  image fusion and super-resolution and so on....

Image Processing Matlab

DirectShow source code

2015-04-03 05:21    By:ljandlove      View:83      Download:0

Directshow source code, including the camera, players, filters, online video and other source code,  there are people in need can be downloaded...

Windows C++

image fusion base on nsct

2015-04-08 10:00    By:书虫      View:59      Download:2

The remote sensing image fusion based on NSCT handler, can be directly run.In Contourlet transform is developed on the basis of the next sampling Contourlet transform, has the characteristics of multi-scale, direction, and the method adopted the drop, between each subband images there is no translat...

Matlab Matlab

Using pArticle filter for target tracking

2015-04-14 15:46    By:opencvdiors      View:154      Download:5

This is Using pArticle filter multi-target tracking source code. Developed under the opencv1.0+VC6.0 program. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support!...

Image Processing Visual C++

Lianliankan plugin qq games hall - Lianliankan - plugins

2014-12-12 01:59    By:EyreFree      View:23      Download:0

Tencent Games Hall Lianliankan,plugin,C++,Ooriginal;...

Windows C++

CGridListCtrlEx - Grid Control Based on CListCtrl

2015-03-08 22:46    By:Spritutu      View:85      Download:1

Microsoft's CListCtrl has support for displaying data in a grid Using the report style, but we have to make several changes to implement features like: Sorting Cell navigation and keyboard search Tooltips Hiding and showing columns Cell editing...

Windows C++

code watermarking dct-svd Using matlab

14 hours ago    By:basz      View:169      Download:4

This is code matlab for watermarking Using combining discrete cosine transform and singular value decomposition, so text, file or image, embedding to digital image Using dct-svd, and then extract Using dct-svd too...

Matlab Matlab

Using DCT for image enhancement

2015-04-16 08:12    By:njwhich      View:179      Download:1

DCT transform domain, Using a formula for enhanced image quality. Is that in the case of keeping the same image, to shift more of the energy to high-frequency sound, looks more clearly stated. To fast for compression in the transmission process to enhance the images, DCT-domain image enhancement tec...

Matlab Matlab

C++ encapsulation IOCTL operation

2015-02-04 22:56    By:lover2668      View:29      Download:0

Using C++ to Ioctl interface for secondary packaging. Purpose package is by Using a simple, uniform...

Other C++


2015-04-14 21:09    By:sharon      View:17      Download:1

Used for simulating three-dimensional cone-beam CT orthographic projection algorithm, which is the product of the beam length and the cumulative value of the voxel phantoms cross the line when you are Using the rays pass through the reconstruction area, high accuracy of the data so obtained orthogra...

Matlab Matlab

Source codes of

2015-04-03 06:52    By:少少蜂萌      View:30      Download:0

Book based on DirectX SDK version 9.0, content covers virtually all aspects of C++ programming on the Windows platform Using DirectShow. The book is divided into 4 sections. 1th part introduces the basics of DirectShow. 2nd part focuses on the development of Filter, as well as the development of Dir...

book C++

DCT steganography embeding

2015-04-10 10:37    By:myka      View:84      Download:1

A discrete cosine transform (DCT) expresses a finite sequence of data points in terms of a sum of cosine functions oscillating at different frequencies. DCTs are important to numerous applications in science and engineering, from lossy compression of ...

Embeded Matlab


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