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Finally found the decompression and compression with stk0.23 the same set of open source, it is estimated that this source stk0.2.3 is used for decompression and compression, Source code there are detailed using routines, you can compile into a DLL, easy language, programming language such as VB,...

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DCT digital watermark containing a description of the source code matlab realize...


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TM4C123I2C program

This example shows how to configure a receive interrupt on the slave module.  This includes setting up the  I2C0 module for loopback mode as well as configuring the master and slave modules.  Loopback mode  internally  connects the master and slave data and clo...

12306 train ticket booking Assistant source code

You can automatically recognize CAPTCHA, ticket information, vehicle type filter Origin recognition spell English abbreviation queries automatically every 5 seconds. Ticket booking functionality. Same basic functions in the functionality of the site. Note: Development environment for Visual Stud...

123 TSQL functions for professional, academic or learning purposes

This is a collection of 123 TSQL functions for professional, academic or learning purposes.There are many conversions hexadecimal/octal/binary/Roman numerals, mathematical functions such as hyperbolic, logic and trigonometric. Combinatorial functions such as combinations, permutations (factoria...

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