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STm8S103 integrated application code

2015-03-18 06:20    By:tongzhuo      View:152      Download:3

ST's 8-bit microcontroller, STm8S103 integrated applications. Register based operation. Using the IAR compiler platform implementations. Covering timer, PWM, the independent press, digital displays and other integrated applications. Key reference: http://www.amobbs.com/thread-4308630-1-1.html...

STM8单片机应用编程 C

DS18b20 temperature sensor

2015-03-26 10:16    By:心灵失格      View:206      Download:1

ds18b20 temperature sensor, respectively, of the sensor via a state machine is initialized, access registers,  the data is read, the read data to the digital display which, to achieve the function of temperature sensor.  18b20 mainly three state machines, a master state machine...

verilog Verilog

Temperature Sensor DS18b20 Free c language source program

2015-03-21 13:09    By:onlyme945      View:104      Download:0

Source code to the c language for programming languages, 89C51 single-chip microcomputer to achieve. Program notes detailed, easy to understand, suits the beginner to learn to use. Combined with the DS18b20 's technical manual, can be easily ported to other types of single chip machine....

89C51 C

STM32F407IG transplant FreeRTOS success

2015-03-17 17:27    By:zhenyuan0304      View:126      Download:1

This source code is integrated online tutorials,  successfully  transplanted FreeRTOS (1.4.0) operating system onto STM32F4, detailed source notes, I believe are generally able to read can be prepared for the later development, transplant only needs to modify the GPIO LED to runs...

Embeded C

Interfacing DS18b20

2015-03-19 03:04    By:lizhi0007      View:75      Download:0

Interfacing AT89C51 with DS18b20 on Keil C. It is useful for new student to study about 8051. Especially, interfacing 8051 with device on one wire. DS18b20 is used for measure temperature....

Document C

Based on AVR single-chip microcomputer and 18b20 design of multipoint temperature collection

2015-01-30 01:55    By:xjs286268      View:304      Download:0

Mainly based on AVR single-chip microcomputer was introduced and 18b20 multipoint temperature collection system, the system hardware and software is described in detail. The system uses ATmage16 SCM and 18b20 , 18b20 is responsible for collecting temperature multipoint temperature collection...

Driver Development C

STm8 based time-triggered systems

2015-03-26 01:27    By:wulamao      View:53      Download:1

A based on STm8 of simple time triggered scheduling device, mixed type task, support preemption task, time triggered, STm8 IAR engineering, has simple of examples LED task, matrix keyboard and independent keyboard and errors report; a based on STm8 of simple time triggered scheduling device, mixed t...

Embeded C

FreeRTOS Template for STM32F1xx with Keil

2015-03-28 23:38    By:schopf16      View:86      Download:2

FreeRTOS ported to STM32F1xx with STM32F10x_StdPeriph_Driver and FreeRTOS V7.6.0 -- Mikrocontroller-Konfiguration -- De selected microcontroller has to be defined either in the file "stm32f10x.h" or in the  compiler options (preprocessor symbol). The desired CPU cloc...

Embeded C

18b20 measured temperature

2015-01-31 22:43    By:dream_way      View:27      Download:0

18b20 measured temperature, and using common cathode LED display. Temperature fractional part by look-up table, 18b20 digital temperature sensor experiments, accurate to 0.1C, before using jumper P1 port shall all connected. Operation reads the current temperature data, and if the temperature is neg...

Other C

STm8 example program ADC

2015-03-25 02:44    By:tttt2014      View:98      Download:3

ST company stm8s microcontroller application example ADC, ADC is used, test can be used, I hope it can  help everyone ....

Embeded C

IIC STm8S hardware registers operation drive 24C02

2015-03-27 11:10    By:Brook      View:121      Download:0

Stm8 the iic, online can be described as condemning , this discovery is really not good enough, complicated operation, but the most important thing is communication speed control after commissioning, through the operation of the clock register to select the communication speed , but it and by manual...

Embeded C

Freertos lpc1114

2015-03-05 07:30    By:ajaymp08      View:58      Download:0

Source code of Demo Application running in lpcxpresso IDE for Cortex M0 - lpc1114 Board Good for a starter to start with this demo Application of Freertos .  All the source codes provided by Richard barry can be run using this lpcxpresso demo project...

Embeded C

FreeRTOS port for STm8 micro-controller and IAR compiler

2015-03-09 02:08    By:Sameer      View:323      Download:0

I am uploading the FreeRTOS port for STm8 micorcontroller. This ports works for IAR compiler.  I have tested it on STm8AF51AA and STm8AF5288 controllers. You can use it directly on 'STm8/128-EVAL - Evaluation board' [http://www.st.com/web/en/catalog/tools/FM116/SC959/SS1...

Embeded C

1602+DS18b20+PWM control

2015-03-11 02:49    By:449668081      View:76      Download:0

1602+DS18b20+PWM control...

单片机 C

DS18b20 temperature sensor program

2015-01-28 23:15    By:h0pes1      View:48      Download:0

Program DS18b20 temperature sensor, suitable for single-chip code, has been tested successfully....

嵌入式 C

Stm8l stvd firmware library

2015-03-15 05:16    By:taorui8339      View:68      Download:0

Standard stm8l firmware library comic stvd compiler c code /** ****************************************************************************** * @file stm8l10x.h * @brief This file contains all HW registers definitions and memory mapping. * @author STMicroelectronics - MCD Application Team...

Driver Development C

PIC18F4550+18b20 temperature measurement program

2015-01-12 11:15    By:yueli220      View:139      Download:0

PIC18F4550+18b20 temperature measuring program the program: 1, the use of DS18b20 digital temperature sensors, temperature measurement (RE1 port), 2 digits after the decimal point. 2, use the LCD1602 Generic LCD display: Temp=26.32 degrees 3, full debugging through....

Embeded C

STm8 fengchi STm8 register of open source version of the routine

2015-03-03 20:38    By:孤独者      View:80      Download:0

STm8, fengchi STm8 register of open source version of the routine, I2C driver /******************** (C) COPYRIGHT fengchi iCreate Embedded Development Studio ******************** * File name: main.c * Description: serial communication * Platform: iCreate Development Board STm8 * Regis...

Arm C
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