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This is a really good Book for starters who want to learn ruby well. An up to date Book on Ruby programming, written in a style described as "a beautiful display of pragmatically chunky bacon, wrapped in a nutshell." Or something like that. Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book cove...

AppChangenotifier Android add desktop icons

PackageChangeReceiver By monitoring the intent-filter android.intent.action.PACKAGE_ADDED Add Android desktop icons...

GuestBook code

A JSP application achieve guest Book Guest Book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

notepad Plusplus

notepad++ source code Can learn basic Win32 package has drawn messages process && plug-in model....

Endnote reference management software

Endnote is a well-known reference management software used to create personal reference library, and you can add text, images, tables, and equations and other content and information such as links, links seamlessly with Microsoft Word perfect and easily insert citations and choreography by the forma...

FaceBook Like slider

This app define about the faceBook like a slide show that will display the images in a faceBook like ...

FaceBook Like Chatting System

It is an online chatting system like FaceBook , it allow people or users from different places to communicate with real time response. User can even search for people that are using system. user can also create the group chat which take maximum of 200 people per group. All functionality follows what...

notice writer (automatic announcement system for SilkRoad legend)

Silk Road Auto post source code, c # SilkRoad legend auto posts can be achieved, including encrypted communication mechanism of the Silk Road!...

faceBook bacup using C#

FaceBook  application  helps user  To send Data ,post  and  also  Keep  track of Data Which  is posted on  user Wall...

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