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TS demux to the ES stream and ES packages to PES and TS

2015-03-11 00:29    By:macken      View:53      Download:2

TS demux to the ES stream and ES packages to PES and TS Good understanding of TS, ES, PES...

video C++


2015-03-13 04:22    By:fanqieshine      View:41      Download:1

SRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_ 512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512KSRAM_16bit_512...

Embeded C

Ecc 160bit

2015-03-24 21:10    By:a7853z      View:75      Download:0

ECC (Elliptic Curves Cryptography) encryption algorithm is an algorithm for public-key cryptography, RSA algorithm and mainstream compared to ECC algorithms shorter keys can be used to achieve the same level of security. C++ source code for this document is 160bit....

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C++

space exploration orbit design

2015-02-04 17:55    By:ekon      View:59      Download:0

space exploration,orbit design the aerogel cells were made to be slightly larger than the spaces machined out of ... aerogel also had to survive the transition from atmospheric pressure to the vacuum of space . ... RTG's are important to the continuing exploration of the outer solar system...

Matlab Matlab

You can freely define the length of bits

2014-11-19 04:57    By:wghost      View:16      Download:0

bit of c++ templates can only be developed with constant size, redefine a bit here so that it can be defined with variables first, easier...

Algorithm C++

FSMD with reg,mux,fib

2014-11-21 04:20    By:shedo      View:18      Download:0

An FSMD impemented in VHDL, with a mux,reg,fib function, tested on xilinx ide and implemented into fpga...

Embeded VHDL

bits control

2014-12-20 15:05    By:hankwuwu      View:11      Download:0

There's two only programs look no further, One can go towards any one change one simple bit 01, another 驗 witnesses been separated from its 01 is there really are changing, I like the DVD directly count on two-FA model. GE people their pretty easy to use, I ho...

Embeded C++

bit viewer - view individual bits

2014-11-24 05:53    By:bax_cz      View:40      Download:1

Simple and handy GUI application to view, get or set individual bits and/or bytes of 32bit number.Archive includes project files for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2012....


128,192,256bit high standard algorithm

2015-02-05 02:58    By:乙竹zjl      View:78      Download:0

AES Is a new encryption standard, it is block cipher algorithm, the packet length 128 bit key length 128bit 、 192bit 、 256bit Three, respectively, AES-128 、 AES-192 、 AES-256 。 AES is composed of three parts, for encryption, key and decrypt extension . This article written in c language...

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C

h264 rtp mux demux

2015-03-17 03:04    By:anhuipl2010      View:81      Download:0

RTP testing tools, there are a lot of tools to view, analyze send RTP streams the data inside, find RTP for the cause of the problem has been a great help, and find out....

Windows C

code mau LCD4bit.c

2015-01-06 15:45    By:diendv187      View:30      Download:0

void LCD_Enable(void) {  output_high(LCD_EN);  delay_us(100);  output_low(LCD_EN);  delay_us(500); } //Ham Gui 4 bit Du Lieu Ra LCD void LCD_Send4bit( unsigned char Data ) {     output_bit ( LCD_D4, Data & 0x01 );     output_bit ( LCD_D5, Data &...

Data C

Chikat-9.4.1 Windows 32bit sample code

2015-02-02 02:19    By:zxsoft      View:21      Download:0

Chikat-9.4.1 Windows 32bit sample code Java POP3/SMTP email library. SMTP client for sending email. POP3 client for reading email. Works with Exchange Server (all versions) Works with all POP3 / SMTP servers Supports POP3 and SMTP...

Java Development Java

Mp4mux supports H264 and AAC

2015-03-23 22:28    By:seabeach      View:66      Download:5

264 video and AAC audio formats encapsulate material into MP4 format, go out of the material here is content to mobile TV broadcast or on-demand system...

video C++

Simple bmp read (8bit and 24bit)

2015-01-11 10:23    By:tyranitarah      View:31      Download:0

Since writing a bmp reading program.  Mainly contains four .h files can be multiplexed to the program through direct include.  The program bmp's eight and 24 unified interface....

Image Processing C++


2014-12-07 11:29    By:yatin123      View:14      Download:0

A digital watermark is a kind of marker covertly embedded in a noise-tolerant signal such as audio or image data. It is typically used to identify ownership of the copyright of such signal. "Watermarking" is the process of hiding digital information in a carrier signal; the...

Image Processing Matlab

Data hiding using stegnography lsb subitiution

2015-03-20 01:43    By:thiru      View:55      Download:0

In this project i am going to hide the data in secure manner by using steganography lsb techiques .by which has high secure and prvide the invisiblity of data hiding into it.genrally the most of the data hiding has more visiblity .in this,project i hiding the image by other image in secure ,confidie...

Matlab Matlab
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