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enterprise chat software

EimSystem is a simple enterprise chat software, features include basic text chat, file transfer, video chat, and voice chat. Network protocol based on UDP Interface simple and includes both client and server components....

enterprise Back Office Web site framework

Corporate background site framework, speed can also be Need to download it...

Message alerts Center

Message alerts are common features, the client receives the message message center the message prompts the user information is required, and that a program can have a notification Center Program a message center, using the observer design pattern using the addObserver method Sign up for a notificat...

enter your personal information can be displayed

enter your name, gender, male or female, engineers, professors, associate professors, lecturers, and teaching assistants, gender and title is a radio box, like check boxes below, travel, sports, singing and select one of the three, you can also select more than one, after you click OK, the informati...

2013-11-24 02:10

enterprise invoicing management system ASP source invoicing WEB SQL Edition online + videos

WEB invoicing ERP management system, fully integrated WEB-based application solutions, real b/s mode, using the ASP development, does not need any installation, just a browser, business leaders, business people, the operator can at different times, location, and dynamically, and reflect all aspects...

2014-01-04 01:33

Gravity Center Calculator

In this paper, we designed a gravity center calculator to speed up the computation of gravity center which can use in an  automatic control system or computer animation. The purpose of this project is to calculate the gravity center for a system  consists of points by importing...

2014-09-02 08:59

enterprise communication system based on Java source code

This is an internal communication system based on Java development, you can implement internal communications between staff, including email traffic and SMS traffic...

enterprise manufacture management system

We are committed to the SME website construction. According to the business needs. Develop enterprise modules, so that enterprises can easily build a Web site for your own business, background is powerful and convenient management. Code easy to understand and suitable for secondary development. We b...

3D FDTD simulation of a center-fed half-wave dipole antenna

3 D FDTD simulation of a center-fed half-wave dipole antenna. The simulation was done on an FDTD grid with size: nx*ny*nz*nt = 80*80*50 * 210. Absorbing boundaries are present (Berenger's technique) consisting of the outermost 10 layers....

Center line of the road recognition based on OPENCV

  Road centerline recognition based on OPENCV based on OPENCV to clear the road scene adaptive, the scope is quite narrow, is only applicable to traffic lines and clear, picture a whole pixel value distribution, less background interference image....

2014-11-11 03:13
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