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U3D external camera photos

2015-03-05 13:59    By:wangcccc      View:59      Download:1

The resource pack plugin is U3D external webcam pictures features examples of users use can be loaded directly into  your project, especially for the need to call an external camera to Photo friends....

unity3D C#

Networks questions

2015-01-22 18:33    By:Dennis      View:69      Download:0

Computer Network HW , who can help me to finish? please contact my QQ number 907553033 thanks...

Network questions C

3D reconstruction(mls + poisson)

2015-03-16 00:03    By:lybroman      View:41      Download:1

Three dimensional reconstruction of PCL library code, based on three dimensional surface normal vector of the  point cloud optimized, mainly moving least square method based on Poisson Three dimensional reconstruction of surface reconstruction. Read into the PCD file, or other form...

Graph C++

GMM based Hidden Markov Random Field for Color Image and 3D Volume Segmentation

2015-03-25 01:56    By:msm      View:164      Download:1

In this model, we first study the Gaussian-based hidden Markov random field (HMRF) model and its expectationmaximization (EM) algorithm. Then we generalize it toaussian mixture model-based hidden Markov random field. The algorithm is implemented in MATLAB. We also apply this algorithm...

Matlab Matlab

3D Self Navigator

2015-01-30 05:06    By:jangpetter      View:46      Download:1

[Overview] This program is 3D Navigator with stuff training for the usage of electrical equipments in a certain transformer substation. The stuff can master all usage of equipments with walking throw the virtual indoor rooms and handling differnet equipments. I developed the proje...

OpenGL Visual C++

unity3D Xffect Editor

2015-02-04 23:43    By:wangcccc      View:64      Download:1

Unity3D Xffect effects plug-in Editor Pro special effects editor Professional Edition, the built-in Demo,  you can reference for learners...

unity 特效 C#

unity3D Chinese API

2015-03-06 13:17    By:wangcccc      View:65      Download:0

Unity3D API in Chinese, including Object, GameObjec, Transform, Collider, Input of the API made With two methods of using c #, js examples , Practitioners will contribute to both the lovers of U3D < /c21>...

unity C#

Flash3D examples

2015-03-02 13:05    By:deep      View:40      Download:0

A by ActionScript3.0 flash3D effect, you can implement any drag the rotation of the shaft, you can use mouse wheel to zoom in and out....

Other ActionScript

WPF 3D sliding effect

2015-03-05 02:27    By:glas2014      View:80      Download:0

In WPF, and use 2D view of direct simulation of 3D animation class to achieve 3D stereo slides and 3D stereo effect album effects, can be used for reference and learning...


3Ds max effect of water

2015-02-23 05:00    By:zzhan08      View:29      Download:0

3Ds max various particle effects of water suitable for beginners please download the simplest to understand the positive effects of the various particles West 3Ds max water suitable for beginners Please actively download, very simple...

Multimedia Word

Java 3D source code

2015-03-03 02:07    By:longke999      View:98      Download:4

Introduction to Java the best examples, include a variety of basic graph plan, requires Java3D development environment, the code concise and efficient, if they can read the helpful for Java3D technology introduction...

Java Development Java

3D Dugeons Example

2014-12-02 05:38    By:Fab      View:14      Download:0

An example of 3D dugeons word using MS Directx It explains how read .X files, using texture and move in a 3D word built with Microsoft DX7 routines...

DirectX VB

Tank 3D with OpenGL

2015-03-17 12:23    By:prime122      View:199      Download:2

Tank 3D with OpenGL...

Game Visual C++

D3D11 2D image display code

2015-02-02 05:22    By:lph      View:41      Download:1

D3D11 2D image display code, MFC, above the corresponding platform for Vista, you cannot use on WinXP....

Windows C++

Creating 2D And 3D ploting App with Graphical User Interfaces in MATLAB.

2015-03-06 10:19    By:utkarsh      View:430      Download:1

Creating 2D And 3D ploting App with Graphical User Interfaces in MATLAB. GUIs (also known as graphical user interfaces or UIs) provide point-and-click control of software applications, eliminating the need to learn a language or type commands in order to run the application. MATL...

Matlab Matlab

Unity3D links to MySQL

2015-01-15 03:03    By:wangcccc      View:37      Download:0

Unity3D links to MySQL, for unity for beginners to learn how to use...

数据库 C#

OpenGL under Linux loaded. model ms3D

2015-01-18 00:33    By:jingtang      View:32      Download:1

The source code is under Linux used OpenGL library to realize. model ms3D file formats loaded, including texture mapping....

linux,OpenGL C++

3D graph of Sine and cosine combined in video form.

2014-12-29 09:46    By:nishant      View:10      Download:0

This is 3D graph of sine cosine in video form which will move or play for a longer period of time. For this use MATLAB 2007. Through this program you can set it's rotation and motion. Also it's length you can very from program. ...

Matlab Matlab

3D virtual reality Housing

2015-02-23 04:58    By:小英酱520      View:49      Download:0

vrml (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) to achieve a simple 3D house model. Into the house doors and windows will open automatically. The zip file contains the source code .doc, development documents .doc and house.wrl three files. house.wrl is vrml description of the source, the development and op...

虚拟现实 Others
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