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Digital KEYPAD Control

2015-01-13 15:33    By:QAMAR      View:46      Download:0

Implementing simple and basis functions of a Digital KEYPAD Control tutorial  . this project was tested on proteus and works well on ...


A soft numeric KEYPAD

2014-04-07 21:22    By:xys95      View:6      Download:0

-A numeric KEYPAD, which could be used for touch screen applications, also it is a example how to  use this soft numeric KEYPAD between to windows(form)...

Windows C#

interfacing KEYPAD and lcd on at89s52 code

2015-05-06 23:30    By:ahmed109970      View:14      Download:0

interfacing KEYPAD and lcd on at89s52 code...

vhdl C

interfacing KEYPAD 16 touches with microcotroler

2015-07-29 08:04    By:mimou      View:7      Download:0

program c of how interfacing KEYPAD with microcontroller (16F877 or 16F877A is the same), also the library of the KEYPAD ...

Embeded C

1602 KEYPAD Shield for arduino

2015-05-06 05:32    By:jeasonking      View:38      Download:0

(ARDUINO)1602 KEYPAD Shield extention board,you can use this document to develop in arduino R3 board...

Embeded C


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