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arm based lcd program by Er.Shivam Gupta

2015-10-02 05:22    By:shivam      View:72      Download:2

This program i created for arm processor i want to control my lcd with arm processor i have use arm 32bit lpc2124 processor i connect the lcd on port 0 on 8-bit mode and read the analog value from the variable resistor and adc convert it into digital and show adc value on lcd in terms of voltage....

Arm C

arm embedded

2015-10-20 11:51    By:户籍卡回家看到      View:46      Download:0

STM32arm slave HID the program, the host recognizes the device, slave control PC's mouse to control mouse movement....

Arm C

-arm routine-bright LED lights

2015-10-05 10:43    By:vistayi      View:51      Download:0

Light LED lights The whole article is structured as follows: , Direct registers used clock management set out for analysis. Second, some principle of making an introduction. Third, behind the problem will appear when writing serial watch presentations. Four, LED cod...

Arm C

arm2410 test code

2015-05-26 16:32    By:bj_story      View:31      Download:0

Brother gave the development board, start to learn, first run on the LED, test code, header files online looking for transplantation, lest oneself write, naked run first, and then on Linux...

Arm C

arabic, persian english fonts on arm(AT91SAM7X256) with keil

2015-09-22 04:58    By:elahe      View:133      Download:2

this is source codes for showing persian & arabic & english in arm , with ili9325 LCD....

Arm C

arm Development Board test program

2015-09-19 02:01    By:数学建模      View:983      Download:0

Embedded Development Board test procedure, based 1, set the serial port tool 2, DNW setting method 3, procedural programming steps 4, ways to build your own bin files Factory demo 1, PWM buzzer 2, RTC real time clock 3, ADC testing 4, key features 5, touchscreen test Experiment 6, LCD dis...

Arm C


2015-09-03 04:46    By:jrtrance      View:25      Download:0

This example shows how to configure the SysTick to generate a time base equal to 1 ms. The system clock is set to 168 MHz, the SysTick is clocked by the AHB clockHCLK. A "Delay" function is implemented based on the SysTick end-of-count event. Four LEDs are toggled with a timing defined by the Del...

Arm C


2015-08-31 06:53    By:jrtrance      View:24      Download:0

This example shows how to use, for debug purpose, the RCC_GetClocksFreq function to retrieve the current status and frequencies of different on chip clocks. You can see the RCC_ClockFreq structure content, which hold the frequencies of different on chip clocks, using your toolchain debugger....

Arm C


2015-08-25 21:10    By:jrtrance      View:26      Download:0

This example shows how to configure the MEMS accelerometre to detect acceleration X/Y axis and to detect the click/double click on Z axis. After startup the program checks the MEMS accelerometre status registers and behaves as follows: 1. If the board is moved the acceleration is detected on x/Y...

Arm C

Animation of different types of robotarms

2015-09-20 23:08    By:domi      View:53      Download:0

Simulation of different types of robotarms (Puma 560, Yasukawa L-3, Stanford, IRD1400, ...) moving in the 3D space....

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