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Easyui write the administrative permission system

2015-11-09 22:54    By:bandly      View:155      Download:4

Rights management system, including users, roles, and user groups Databases, MySQL Develop framework for SSH Front Desk Framework Easyui Using Maven and other gadgets....

Web Framework Java

Combined sift descriptors and the Surf descriptor to image anti-counterfeit detection

2015-11-16 13:41    By:wuxiantiyuwang      View:38      Download:2

Combined Surf descriptor operator and operator sift descriptors extracted image invariant features. sift descriptors to use the scale, strong validity flip; and Surf descriptors light intensitySensitivity to detect counterfeit copy and paste the image. There is a code example can be seen in the test...

Image Processing Matlab

Robwhess siFT algorithm for image matching

2015-10-03 09:15    By:judywanwan      View:56      Download:0

The open-source siFT library available here is implemented in C using the OpenCV open-source computer vision library and includes functions for computing siFT features in images, matching siFT features between images using kd-trees, and computing geometrical image transforms from feature matches usi...

Image Processing C++

Bag of words model based on sift features

2015-11-27 07:48    By:modeforge      View:118      Download:5

1. training of image training in Word table. Extraction of sift points on each image, then all images from the acquired 128-dimensional clustering sift points, number of categories is the number of words, cluster Center is the word, and Word tables will be preserved. 2. for each new image, fir...

Image Processing Matlab

Structural similarity (SsiM) image quality evaluation

2015-08-12 04:44    By:sheagullli      View:38      Download:1

Structural similarity (SsiM) for image restoration (Denoise, deblur, blind restoration, repair) of the objective evaluation! The evaluation standards suitable for texture image quality evaluation...

Image Processing Matlab

My siFT algorithm

2015-11-11 08:42    By:zuccldd      View:116      Download:3

由于 sift Too much number of feature points extraction algorithm, and detect feature points in there are more false features, and its distribution is not uniform, not to reflect features. In addition, each feature has 128 -dimensional feature vectors, and Gaussian convolution algorithm contains a...

Image Processing Matlab

Criminisi classical algorithms

2015-11-18 02:40    By:feitongxunchang      View:86      Download:5

The algorithm is criminisi classical procedure, have lots of help for beginners, as well as ready-made art, criminisi  algorithm can very well be fromEntry to the master....

Image Processing Matlab

siFT feature extraction algorithm

2015-11-28 06:40    By:蒲小卅      View:83      Download:3

Rob Hess wrote in c open source siFT – OpensiFT And not much different from the original sample run performance. Because of the siFT algorithm is more complex, limited in my ability and timing, algorithm implementation details this section will mainly Lowe papers and OpensiFT source, I d...

Image Processing C++

sift feature extraction based on OpenCV and matching

2015-11-10 14:48    By:贾先生123      View:232      Download:2

This is a siFT algorithm based on OpenCV implementation of sift features extraction based on OpenCV and  matching...

Image Processing C++

siFT algorithm

2015-11-18 04:12    By:kell      View:50      Download:0

siFT algorithm code, fast image mosaic, the source code is a Demo, you can allow and test!...

Image Processing C++


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