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Exploiting modification direction steganographic algorithm

2015-03-30 11:56    By:windinice      View:42      Download:2

Reference paper x. Zhang and s. Wang, "Efficient steganographic embedding by exploiting modification direction," IEEE Commun. Lett., vol. 10, no. 11, pp. 781–783, Nov. 2006. Secret information for the 2n+1 binary number, carrier length n. Embedding change up carrier 1 (+1-1),...

隐写 Matlab

Version Computational_Color_Science.toolbox.e2

2015-03-09 10:38    By:wgy      View:24      Download:0

It is published by John Wiley <Computational Colour Science using MATLAB,e2 version > code that came with the textbook program, self-contained chromaticity under Matlab toolbox. Recommended that you extract the files to the local machine has been installed in the Matlab path, ToolBook under fo...

Matlab Matlab

Programmer's notebook (documented source code, instructions, etc)

2014-11-30 08:47    By:txy111      View:62      Download:0

Programmers Notebook (record various source code, operating instructions, quick and easy to find, save the picture information, can also be used diary records  Information registration check play, supports file encryption)...

software Delphi

MFC,point cloud ,PCL

2015-03-30 23:47    By:lwngreat      View:135      Download:5

MFC,point cloud ,PCL.使用PCL点云库只做到界面,使用c++通过对源码(PCL)更改后的界Surface. Can be more convenient to use the PCL function....



2015-03-27 08:14    By:allenzhang      View:290      Download:8

this code is for matlab simulation of cognitive femtocells, including the path loss computing, interference computing and cognitive femtocell's power allocation and so on....

Matlab Matlab

openni+opencv kinect finger detection

2015-03-02 21:50    By:debug      View:54      Download:0

Hand technical services are divided into Basic Edition and Enterprise Edition. Basic version provided free of charge through the API, Enterprise Edition not only a better API, SDK and a customized offline forms such as cloud services....

Linux programming C++

Menu com teclado matricial 3x4 e pic

2015-01-13 15:33    By:AnaCafe      View:32      Download:0

Este projeto mostra como usar um teclado matricial 3x4 com pic no ccs, ilustra a criação de um menu de opções usando (switch case) para controle de motores de passo, com passo completo, micro passo etc...

Algorithm C

Menu com teclado matricial 3x4 e pic

2014-11-28 07:28    By:AnaCafe      View:26      Download:0

Este projeto mostra como usar um teclado matricial 3x4 com pic no ccs, ilustra a criação de um menu de opções usando (switch case) para controle de motores de passo, com passo completo, micro passo etc...

Algorithm C

MyICQ-0.8-alpha1 source code, source code

2014-11-23 06:38    By:npdemon      View:22      Download:0

MYICQ is a c/s structure real-time communication software, the code contains a complete set of client and Server source code, MyICQ-0.8-alpha1 source, contains a complete engineering documents, code integrity, and can be compiled directly by...

Communication C++

caculate the guide modes of photonics crystals

2015-01-07 20:20    By:kkk      View:49      Download:0

caculate the guide modes of photonics crystals.us this is a program to calculate the Photonic Bands of two | %| dimension Photonic Crystal with circular inclusions. | %| It calculates both TE and TM modes (E and H polarization)...

Matlab Matlab

Empirical orthogonal function (PCA) estimation for EEG time series

2015-03-08 04:38    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:175      Download:0

this source contains the empirical orthogonal functional analysis (EOF) calculation for an individual or population of EEG power spectrum multivariate time series. The zip file contains several versions of the code useful for different contexts, including code that returns only the first EOF versus...

Matlab Matlab

Clipping function for localized extraction, continuous cuts

2014-11-30 12:11    By:jaley1122      View:19      Download:1

Clipping function for localized extraction, continuous shearing images...

Matlab Matlab

Barcode recognition source code-picture barcode reading

2015-03-15 22:25    By:aron_guo      View:71      Download:1

Product bar code reading source code, uses a camera captures the picture after the code resolves the barcode VC6.0 compiled, added to the automation project in bar code identification of the product is a good choice, welcome to download....

Image Processing Visual C++

Leitura e Escrita em arquivos com C#

2014-12-14 05:14    By:Genionet      View:19      Download:0

Um exemplo de leitura e gravação de arquivo em C#. Projeto para programadores iniciantes. ...

File C#

Change a ListCtrl l height, font color, background color control

2015-03-24 11:59    By:betrice      View:54      Download:1

Very good ListCtrl derived class, you can change the background color and font color they want, every row height can also be changed, these are all CListCtrl functionality cannot be achieved by, reference use cases, according to their own needs landscaping list control that makes you more beautiful....

vc6.0 C++

STM32-based 4-axis stepper motor acceleration/deceleration control

2015-03-30 21:16    By:taozhengxin      View:668      Download:14

STM32-based 4-axis stepper motor acceleration/deceleration control complete project source code, there are two sets; one is STM32F103, the other is STM32F405; you can control the acceleration and deceleration of 4-axis stepper motors; Rate can up to 100K;  the algorithm of this source code is b...

Arm C

Code verilog for motion compensated prediction block of video

8 hours ago    By:thuanbk2010      View:58      Download:2

this is a project about VLSI design.Topic is design for motion compensated prediction block in compressed video.Project consisted Code RTL,Code Testbench.  Project use software of synopsys for example: Design Compiler (Synthesis),IC Compiler (Layout)......

verilog Verilog
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