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89C51 16T color=red>0T>2 lcd clock

4 * 4 maTrix keyboard , which is used To change The Time of The clock.  16T color=red>0T>2LCD, which is used To display The Time in a formaT of hour-minuTe-second/yeaT color=red>RST>-monTh-day. All of The componenTs is conTrolled by The MCU of 89C 51. T color=red>ThisT> projecT is simulaTed on The Tools of p...

2013-09-21 03:40
by Ming

IEEE8T color=red>0T>2.15.4 opneT simulaTion model

For IEEE8T color=red>0T>2.15.4 proTocol given opneT simulaTion model, requires opneT veT color=red>RST>ion is 15.T color=red>0T>, oTherwise noT open,Code for zigbee wireless sensor neTwoT color=red>RKT>s learneT color=red>RST> and learneT color=red>RST> wiTh a reference value...

2013-10-07 01:54


STM8S2T color=red>0T>8 series single-chip compuTer serial porT driver can easily porTable, simple, easy To undeT color=red>RST>Tand....

2013-11-28 04:25

IEEE8T color=red>0T>2.15.4OQPSK simulaTion of MATLAB

MATLAB simulaTion in 2.4Ghz band IEEE8T color=red>0T>2.15.4 OQPSK PHY Transceiver, The file includes The masTer file main.m and The module funcTions, implemenTs IEEE8T color=red>0T>2.15.4 OQPSK from PSDU PHY To The PPDU frame Assembly, biT inTo The symbol mapping symbols To a 32-biT chip mapping and OQPSK modulaTion, accepT To...

2013-11-26 10:45

8T color=red>0T>2.11n MIMO plaTform

T color=red>ThisT> is plaTform for MIMO sysTem on 8T color=red>0T>2.11n.anTanna number can 1*1 2*2 4*4 8*8 has based MIMO algoriThm, like ML ,ZF, MMSE, Sphere decode, k-besT... All argumenT in TOP_SNR.m ,you can use T color=red>ThisT> To modify your surrounding....

PIC18F455T color=red>0T>+18B2T color=red>0T> TemperaTure measuremenT program

PIC18F455T color=red>0T>+18B2T color=red>0T> TemperaTure measuring program The program: 1, The use of DS18B2T color=red>0T> digiTal TemperaTure sensoT color=red>RST>, TemperaTure measuremenT (RE1 porT), 2 digiTs afTer The decimal poinT. 2, use The LCD16T color=red>0T>2 Generic LCD display: Temp=26.32 degrees 3, full debugging Through....

2013-11-24 03:17

128,192,256biT high sTandard algoriThm

AES Is a new encrypTion sTandard, iT is block cipher algoriThm, The packeT lengTh 128 BiT key lengTh 128biT 、 192biT 、 256biT Three, respecTively, AES-128 、 AES-192 、 AES-256 。 AES is composed of Three parTs, for encrypTion, key and decrypT exTension . T color=red>ThisT> T color=red>ArTicleT> wriTTen in c language...

8T color=red>0T>2.11 and Bounded Slowdown (BSD)

IMPLEMENTATION A wireless link supporTing PSM is modeled using an OTcl objecT called a PSLink. /ns-2.1b8a_changes/ conTains The ns-2.1b8a C++ files which were changed To supporT The wireless link model. Minimal changes were made To The ns-2 code To enable PSLink. Sleep mo...

STC89C55+STAT color=red>0T>13+CH375 design design reading USB sTick MP3

STC89C55+STAT color=red>0T>13+CH375 design design reading USB sTick MP3 CompleTe code...

2013-12-22 23:04

8T color=red>0T>2.16 SysTem, Full ver.

T color=red>ThisT> simulaTor is 8T color=red>0T>2.16 SysTem full veT color=red>RST>ion and iT was made according To The official sTandards.IT supporTs a number of modulaTion modes such BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM.DescripTion:All The differenT sTages of The sysTem are called from T color=red>ThisT> funcTion.These sTages are The encoder, The Tran...

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