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802.16 System, Full ver.

2015-03-09 03:58    By:ketchup72      View:24      Download:0

this simulator is 802.16 System full version and it was made according to the official standards.It supports a number of modulation modes such BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM.Description:All the different stages of the system are called from this function.These stages are the encoder, the tran...

Matlab Matlab

128,192,256bit high standard algorithm

2015-02-05 02:58    By:乙竹zjl      View:78      Download:0

AES Is a new encryption standard, it is block cipher algorithm, the packet length 128 Bit key length 128bit 、 192bit 、 256bit Three, respectively, AES-128 、 AES-192 、 AES-256 。 AES is composed of three parts, for encryption, key and decrypt extension . this Article written in c language...

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C

802.11n MIMO platform

2015-03-20 12:48    By:AIdrifter      View:94      Download:4

this is platform for MIMO system on 802.11n.antanna number can 1*1 2*2 4*4 8*8 has based MIMO algorithm, like ML ,ZF, MMSE, Sphere decode, k-best... All argument in TOP_SNR.m ,you can use this to modify your surrounding....

Matlab Matlab

Wireless Network Protocol 802_11e

2015-03-26 23:58    By:192      View:33      Download:0

IEEE 802.11e-2005 or 802.11e is an approved amendment to the IEEE 802.11 standard that defines a set of Quality of Service enhancements for wireless LAN applications through modifications to the Media Access Control (MAC) layer.[1] The...

Windows C++

PCIe wdf8.1 driver source code

2015-03-17 03:53    By:solar      View:128      Download:7

this code has been verified to run, and under VS2013+WDK8.1+win764bit, PCIE driver...

Windows Kernel C++

Digital volume control ATMEGA8_TDA7313

2015-03-20 03:18    By:BAHKO      View:110      Download:0

Complete schematics and code for digital volume control ATMEGA8 TDA7313...

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IEEE802.15.4OQPSK simulation of MATLAB

2015-03-16 12:42    By:VHDL      View:81      Download:1

MATLAB simulation in 2.4Ghz band IEEE802.15.4 OQPSK PHY transceiver, the file includes the master file main.m and the module functions, implements IEEE802.15.4 OQPSK from PSDU PHY to the PPDU frame Assembly, bit into the symbol mapping symbols to a 32-bit chip mapping and OQPSK modulation, accept to...

Matlab Matlab

PIC18F4550+18B20 temperature measurement program

2015-01-12 11:15    By:yueli220      View:139      Download:0

PIC18F4550+18B20 temperature measuring program the program: 1, the use of DS18B20 digital temperature sensors, temperature measurement (RE1 port), 2 digits after the decimal point. 2, use the LCD1602 Generic LCD display: Temp=26.32 degrees 3, full debugging through....

Embeded C

STC89C55+STA013+CH375 design design reading USB stick MP3

2015-03-19 20:45    By:fredmei      View:50      Download:0

STC89C55+STA013+CH375 design design reading USB stick MP3 Complete code...

Driver Development C

MyICQ-0.8-alpha1 source code, source code

2014-11-23 06:38    By:npdemon      View:22      Download:0

MYICQ is a c/s structure real-time communication software, the code contains a complete set of client and Server source code, MyICQ-0.8-alpha1 source, contains a complete engineering documents, code integrity, and can be compiled directly by...

Communication C++

IEEE 802.11a/g/n

2015-03-27 00:14    By:toshi      View:30      Download:0

IEEE 802.11a/g/n operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, specifies a per-stream airside data Rates ranging from 6 to 54 Mbit/s. If both devices can utilize "HT mode" added with 802.11n then the top 20 MHz per-stream Rate is increased to 72.2 Mbit/s with the option of data rat...

book D

89C51 1602 lcd clock

9 hours ago    By:Ming      View:35      Download:0

4 * 4 matrix keyboard , which is used to change the time of the clock.  1602LCD, which is used to display the time in a format of hour-minute-second/years-month-day. All of the components is controlled by the MCU of 89C 51. this project is simulated on the tools of p...

proteus;keil C

Zigbee 802.15.4

2015-03-25 07:38    By:nghoanganh      View:73      Download:1

** NS2 simulator for 802.15.4 (release v1.1) *** ZigBee routing is now maintained by ZigBee NWK WG and no longer included in this release. >>> Platforms supported ns2 version: 2.26 and 2.27 OS: Linux, Sun Solaris and FreeBSD >>> Installation 1) Unpack th...

Ns-2 C++

AY-8910/YM2149 simple emulator/player

2015-01-30 08:35    By:trawen      View:44      Download:0

this emulator sound coprocessor AY8910 (YM2149). He used to play music in a retro computer ZX Spectrum, Atari, Amstrad. The emulator written in PureBasic and uses WinAPI. A good example of show the work with sound in Windows and an example of sound synthesis....

Audio Others

AES algorithm for c (c++) _ supporting 128, 192 and 256 bit keys

2015-03-17 05:32    By:kevin619      View:264      Download:2

AES algorithm for c (c++) _ supporting 128, 192, and 256-bit key AES algorithm implements a C++ class that can be called directly...

Algorithm C++

IEEE802.15.4 opnet simulation model

2015-03-26 08:17    By:wsn_1111      View:123      Download:5

For IEEE802.15.4 protocol given opnet simulation model, requires opnet version is 15.0, otherwise not open,Code for zigbee wireless sensor networks learners and learners with a reference value...

opnet C++

wimax dl 802.16 simulate

2015-03-20 05:28    By:najme.yousefi      View:40      Download:1

simulate ofdm symbol for wimax 802.16dl and tx rx .. so useful for create one frame ......

Matlab Matlab

Realtek RTL8168D_8111D PCI-e Intel driver

2015-01-27 23:43    By:zhangzhaowei      View:52      Download:1

Realtek RTL8168D/8111D PCI-e Intel driver...

Driver Development C++

sp605 multiboot rdf 0028 13.2 c

2014-12-04 11:42    By:hanke998      View:15      Download:0

sp605_multiboot_rdf0028_13.2_c Mainly within the ICAP configuration, use the internal interface in mutlboot ICAP, by reading the register state machine controlled ICAP status value. There are a bit swap exchange instructions...

verilog Verilog

IEEE 802_16e

2015-03-07 17:26    By:rakibultowhid      View:29      Download:0

The code is for LDPC code for IEEE 802.16e. IEEE 802.16 is a series of wireless broadband standards written by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The IEEE Standards Board established a working group in 1999 to develop standards for broadband for wireless metropolitan a...

Matlab Matlab
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