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lpc2148 arm 7 ADC

2015-03-19 11:40    By:ravikiran.bolla      View:205      Download:2

Testing it out The easiest way to test the ADC code above is with a 'potentiometer' (often referred to simply  as a 'pot'). A potentiometer is a simple device that changes its' 'resistance' as you adjust  it. It may have 10.0K Ohms resistance at one end, for example, a...

Embeded C

Xmega ADCA 4 channel scan, free running mode

2015-02-08 10:11    By:schk88      View:58      Download:1

* MCU:          ATXmega128A1  * Development environment:         AVR Studio 4.18 build 716* Description:         void ADCA_CH0_1_2_3_Sweep_Interrupt (void)         ADCA 4 channel scanning, free-r...


stm32f407 ADC dma

4 hours ago    By:Hirabteb      View:122      Download:0

This example describes how to use the ADC3 and DMA to transfer continuously  converted data from ADC3 to memory. The ADC3 is configured to convert continuously channel7. Each time an end of conversion occurs the DMA transfers, in circular mode, the converted data from ADC3 DR register to th...

Arm C

All interrupt driven ADC library for Atmel ATMEGA32 written in C

2015-01-26 23:35    By:norppu      View:244      Download:1

This is a simple library to drive the on chip ADC on ATMEGA32 and similar ships. You will need the gnu avrcc to compile this one. Since this is all interrupt driven the program does not need to use time for polling the ADC. The latest converted value is readily available at once. Th...

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MDL_QUADCOPTER Dynamic parameters for a quADCopter

2015-03-23 03:37    By:hgordan      View:85      Download:1

MDL_QUADCOPTER Dynamic parameters for a quADCopter. Script creates the workspace variable quad which describes the dynamic characterstics of a quADCopter.See also sl_quADCopter.This file is part of The Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB (RTB).RTB is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify ...

Matlab Matlab

The initialization of the internal ADC ADUC845

2015-03-13 15:57    By:Simple4321      View:40      Download:0

REFERENCE INPUTS  The ADuC845/ADuC847/ADuC848 each have two separate differential reference inputs, REFIN± and REFIN2±. While  both references are available for use with the primary ADC, only REFIN± is available for the auxiliary ADC (ADuC845  only). The common-mode ra...

Driver Development C

Use MSPF5529 to achieve multi-level menu, DAC,ADC, frequency measurement, and JLX12864 display

2015-03-29 11:18    By:administrator93      View:945      Download:2

This code is original, in 2014, TI Cup provincial competition "audio amplification with howling suppression" written by subject, can be compiled successfully using, use MSPF5529 to achieve multi-level menu, DAC,ADC, frequency measurement function with JLX12864 display....

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ADC capture 4 channels

2015-03-28 10:06    By:qingkongqiye      View:47      Download:0

STM 32 ADC capture 4 channels, try for beginners. This example has been tested to work with. We want to help. Can be used directly....

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Elan EM78P372N ADC code

2015-02-10 22:24    By:xyz2008      View:26      Download:0

EM78P372N ADC features of application source code. AD conversion program is implemented query P50, and store the result of the conversion Use internal VDD as reference voltage....



2015-03-20 05:15    By:zhou      View:34      Download:0

DSP38335 EPWM module controlled procedures for sampling ADC module, I verify that feasible. Applicable to PWM control algorithm...

dsp C

ADC0809 a/d conversion

2015-03-28 10:07    By:qqwww      View:51      Download:0

ADC0809 a/d conversion and realization of analog signals into digital content, and displays the conversion results on the LCD screen, I downloaded to their boards, is operating normally...

verilog Verilog

ADC interface with 8051

2015-03-21 11:52    By:nagarebel      View:165      Download:0

ADC INTERFACING WITH 8051 board contains the led, switch status,LCD and uart interfacing....

Embeded C

Interfacing of ADC0831,7Segment Display and LCD with 8051

2015-03-03 14:52    By:Murad      View:75      Download:0

ADC is an electronic device which converts analog signals into its corresponding digital signal. This project demonstrates the principle, operation and interfacing of 8-bit serial ADC0831,Seven Segment Display and LCD with 8051 micro controller....

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high speed ADC-ADC08D1000 comunication in FPGA

2015-03-06 03:35    By:artin      View:45      Download:0

This is a program developed by Arron lee, in order to control ADC08D1000 Analog-to-digital device in FPGA, Xilinx Virtex-4 SX35 FPGA is applied here, the DCM is used to control the clock path in FPGA, the clock source is AD9517 which controled by serial port in FPGA...

vhdl VHDL


2014-12-09 16:55    By:369872571      View:23      Download:0

For reading the ADCP data, including the velocity component in the North, layers, encemble,pitch, Standard Processing: In a typical ADCP setup, these beam velocities are transformed (instrument transformation matrix) into "standard" estimates of u, v, and w....

Matlab Matlab

STM8 example program ADC

3 hours ago    By:tttt2014      View:99      Download:3

ST company stm8s microcontroller application example ADC, ADC is used, test can be used, I hope it can  help everyone ....

Embeded C

Standalone digital voltmeter uses a multichannel ADC code

2015-03-28 17:41    By:Basky      View:45      Download:0

This is code for IC2 of the EDN Design Idea Standalone digital voltmeter uses a multichannel ADC which offers a design to monitor several different voltages with one instrument....

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