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AVIToBmp Project

this code can convert AVI format video to bmp sequences, writen in c++ . you can open it by vs2008 or higher version .this is console code ,that no gui ,so you must init it in code.Thank you for download, share the code....

Broken down into BMP AVI

A screenshot images in the AVI to BMP photos. 1, Video for Windows initialization int WINAPI WinMain( HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, int nCmdShow ) { WNDCLASS wc; Early//AVI ライブラリの AVIFileInit(); = CS_HREDR...

2013-10-31 00:03

AVI video recording packages (CodeProject simplified version)

AVI video recording, simplifies most of the work, we can start,stop,pause, a video recording of your desktop, here we select MS video mode. AVI generated smaller....

Using OpenCV play AVI videos

This project is using OpenCV program reading AVI video files. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

2014-08-14 23:07

DAVInci technologies DSPC6437 image processing routines, and technical documentation

DAVInci technologies DSPC6437 image processing routines and technical documentation, which contains the DAVInci DSP series C6437 example of image processing program, and H264 decoding algorithm, image JPG compression algorithm, and the corresponding test cases, as well as provides technical document...

AVI file info get

By analyzing the AVI file header, we can get the numbuer of frames, frame rate infomation form the file, also the height and width of frame. Vfw (video for windows) will be used, so vfw.h should be included and the vfw2.lib should be added to project. The project shows the use of some micr...

2014-09-08 05:22
by zzh

AVI video frame extraction

AVI video, each frame drawn into taking an image, image bmp format for storage, the software is already many times, very easy to use, please download and try....

2014-09-14 00:17


The program enables multimedia format, convert AVI to MPEG format, support video frequency transformation parameter sets, conversion rate, resolution, encoding format, and so on....

A software which can convert yuv video to AVI

A software which can convert yuv video  to AVI ,this is not a simple code file .this is a software. it can aslo convert  AVI video to yuv video .i download it from the CSDN. The users which download it give a high comment on it .so if you just need to convert and don't care th...

H264 To AVI file

programming  H264  Study programming  AVI.convert H264  stream file to AVI file....

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