Simulation of QPSK in AWGN channel

2015-04-17 07:30    By:jingxichao      View:52      Download:1

Digital modulation spectrum is to move the digital baseband signal to a high frequency, forming in the channel for the transmission of bandpass signals. Basic digital modulation with an amplitude shift keying (ASK), frequency shift keying (FSK), the absolute phase shift keying (PSK), relative (diffe...

Matlab Matlab

Turbo Code over AWGN channel

2015-03-11 04:18    By:kinhvan017      View:44      Download:0

Turbo Code over AWGN channel , turbo decode ,Turbo Code over AWGN channel , turbo decode ,...

Matlab Matlab

Study on MIMO channel capacity

2015-04-10 10:49    By:yanyou201309      View:113      Download:4

Influence of the number of antennas for MIMO channel capacity, application MATLAB7.0 software, is constant,  the more the number of antennas in other conditions, the greater channel capacity of MIMO system, whereas  the channel capacity of MIMO system is smaller...

Matlab Matlab

PAM Modulation and Demodulation using matched filter through an AWGN baseband channel

2015-04-14 13:59    By:robobo      View:153      Download:0

This code creates a random PAM signal and pass it through an  AWGN baseband  channel with limited bandwidth then demodulate it using match filter ...

Matlab Matlab

AWGN channel

2015-04-16 03:13    By:jusephlee      View:10      Download:0

simulate white gaosion noise in channels using matlaband using bufflow window...

Matlab Matlab

a simulink block diagram to simulate 16-ary PSK in AWGN

2015-02-18 08:16    By:2011mtec006      View:28      Download:0

This Simulink model simulates the performance of a 16-ary Phase shift keying (16-PSK) in Additive white noise (AWGN) environment. This model works best on Matlab version 6. for newer versions of Matlab user might have to update its components....

Matlab Matlab

LTE 3GPP channel modeling using matlab

2015-04-16 12:16    By:wwbb      View:176      Download:2

LTE 3GPP channel modeling using matlab. Generates the correlated tap coefficients of the MIMO tapped delay line % model to be used during one iteration of the main loop. The function % performs a double interpolation, first in the fading vector domain, % to collect the fading samples corres...

Communication Matlab

BER_mimo zf bpsk rayleigh channel

2015-04-16 03:13    By:1028293781      View:104      Download:0

Script for computing the BER for BPSK modulation in a Rayleigh fading channel with 2 Tx, 2Rx MIMO channel Zero Forcing equalization...

Matlab Matlab

channel_coding techniques

2015-04-16 03:23    By:ahmedelaraby      View:32      Download:0

%This file help to compare channel codes which show probability of bit %error in the system %auther Pankaj Joshi India...

Matlab Matlab

MMSE channel estimation analysis equalizer for ofdm channel capacity analysis

2015-04-17 01:46    By:pra      View:89      Download:0

This is really good code for MMSE channel estimation  for ofdm channel capacity analysis  u can enjoy it,this is the better channel estimation technique compared to others...

Algorithm Matlab

ATSC Digital Television Simulink over AWGN

2015-03-07 21:40    By:ali      View:17      Download:1

This model shows the vestigial sideband modulation with 8 discrete amplitude levels (8-VSB) transmission subsystem of the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) digital television standard [ 1 ]. The standard describes the characteristics of the U.S. advanced television system that i...

Matlab Matlab


11 hours ago    By:azem      View:118      Download:2

according to report :PHYDYAS – PHYsical layer for DYnamic AccesS and cognitive radio "Prototype filter and filter bank structure". i build FBMC/OQAM wireless system model using polyphase structure then i add AWGN and then i draw BER versus SNR curve...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM channel estimation

2015-04-17 02:07    By:liuxingyu_best      View:69      Download:2

CFO(carrier frequency offset) and channel estimation in 802.11 system. The algorithm use the subspace based approach to estimate the CFO....

Algorithm Matlab

OFDM capacity

2015-01-12 21:50    By:rohit2012      View:19      Download:0

OFDM capacity...

Matlab Matlab

FFT based OFDM transceiver in AWGN channel

2015-03-18 04:14    By:alonepluto      View:12      Download:0

An Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing(OFDM) system is a multi-carrier system whichutilizes a parallel processing technique allowing thesimultaneous transmission of data on many closelyspaced, orthogonal sub-carriers. Inverse Fast FourierTransform (IFFT) and Fast Fourier transform (FFT)in a c...

Communication Matlab

OFDM channel estimation using lms mmse

2015-04-17 01:36    By:rajendra      View:67      Download:1

Our simulation supports two kinds of source data, either the randomly produced data or an image file. While random data is ideal to test the channel impact to the BER performance and signal constellation, image file give us an intuitive impression and comparison for different channels. After the...

Matlab Matlab

20M Gaussian channel

2014-11-20 02:11    By:jie112      View:14      Download:0

Program description: 1. Using 2 preamble sequences for time synchronization, but it must be under high signal-to-noise ratio, reference SNR for 30dB; see later for further optimization; 2. Realization of overcharge cases through the AWGN channel phase compensation for the...

Algorithm C

channel estimtion for LTE

2015-04-03 22:38    By:tom      View:36      Download:2

3GPP LTE isthe evolution of the UMTS in response to ever increasing demands for highquality multimedia services according to user’s expectations. Since downlink isalways an important factor in coverage and capacity aspects, special attentionhas been given in selecting technologies for LTE downlink...

Matlab Matlab

LS channel Estimation OFDM

2015-04-03 11:05    By:thanhtien92to      View:46      Download:2

LS channel Estimation OFDM, BER/EbN0_dB, MSE of LS algorithm theory and simulation...

Matlab Matlab

Blind Subspace Based On channel Estimation form OFDM system

2015-04-15 16:12    By:shinstar123      View:58      Download:1

The blind subspace channel estimation using the block matrix scheme is proposed for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. Based on the Toeplitz structure, the block matrix scheme collects a group of the received OFDM symbols into a vector, a...

Matlab Matlab

Simulation of compressive sensing of underwater acoustic channel estimation

2015-04-11 04:30    By:201330310019      View:44      Download:2

channel estimation based on compressive sensing, respectively, by the LS,MMSE,OMP algorithm, run directly available, code explanation in detail, all tested, suitable for beginners, passed through the code to enhance the understanding of awareness and understanding of channel estimation of compressiv...

Algorithm Matlab


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