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python TkInter GUI to examine/deal with comma-separated-values like data

This is a GUI a did back in 2009. The idea is that you can load one of 2 different format files which are, in fact, not necessarily, comma separated values (otherwise I should have used that python library.) Example, one separator are "|", mixed with commas. I know this is veeery primitive, I...
  Data        Python     

python gets Qiu pictures

Using a python script, enables downloading pictures on Qiu functionalities. Define 500 pages, couldn't get enough of it. Simple program topics, mainly using the sgmllib module urllib2 module. Compressed package includes a couple run the downloaded images....
  python应用        Python     


To implement your own database management program. You can write SQL statements in the input, then I can help you with the program statement, then the reaction in my database, my database, I manage storage, table properties are stored, and so on. To compliment my own buffer technology, of cour...
  DataBase        Visual C++     

python gets real download Address multi-threaded wget download

Based on python, parsing out real broadcast Addresses for Tencent video, download, uses multi-threading, wegt downloads...
  Mutithread        Python     

Least square method numerical analysis of C++ and python source code with comments + numerical analysis report

Experimental purposes and experiment environment Master the least squares curve fitting Exploring the choice of fitting functions and relationships between fitting accuracy Experiment environment Operating system: Windows XP Programming language: python 2.5 and C++...
  Algorithm        Python     

python echo cancellation base on Speex lib

python echo cancellation base on Speex lib. use ctypes to work with speex...
  VoIP        Python     

python nrf24le1/nrf24lu1p programer

Nrf24le1 and Nrf24lu1P are modules available on ebay at a very low cost to build small sensor nodes. Nrf24le1 programmer named nrfisp like this one  (http://www.ebay.com/itm/NRF24lE1-NRF24LU1-NRF24LU1P-USB-Programmer-Adapter-with-Software-Video-Tutorial-/271164903768) does not have a Linu...
  Embeded        Python     

DTMF decoder written in cython (python use directly, very close to C in efficiency)

DTMF decoder written in cython (python use directly, very close to C in efficiency)...
  Algorithm        Python     

Local debugging SMTP server (python)

This is the SMTP server written in python. It is designed for local debugging programs that use the SMTP function,  like mail sending function of GAE....
  Email        Python     

In c #, datagridview printing data

In c #, datagridview printing data public GridPrinter(dataGridView objdataGridView, PrintDocument objPrintDocument, bool bCenterOnPage, bool bHasTitle, string sTitle, Font objTitleFont, Color objTitleColor, bool bPaging) { dataGridView = objdataGridView; printDocument = objPrintDocument;...
  Windows        C#     

python for led demo

python contact led screens, and query the database update led content                                      ...
  Other        Python     

python framework for distributed computing

Dispy python distributed computing framework, operation is very simple. Server-side: Dispynode is a server-side component, it does not need to write code, just use parameters to run as a daemon, OK, such as: For this example using 2 CPU core binding
  Cloud Computing        Python     

Automaticall revert multiple virtual machines in vCloud by python

Automaticall revert multiple virtual machines in vCloud by python. Which is Very useful in Test Automation, Just call the script to automatically revert your target test machine to clean state. This programme uses the vCloud API 1.5 of Vmware(A RESTful api) to us...
  Cloud Computing        Python     

Head First python source code

Suitable for python beginners to learn...
  编程        Python     

python knn

# -*- coding: utf-8 -* from numpy import * import operator def createdataSet(): group = array([[1.0,1.1],[1.0,1.0],[0,0],[0,0.1]]) labels=['A','A','B','B'] return group,labels # Special attention to Numpy matrix expression: a=array ([[1,2,3],[4,5,6]]) this is a 2-by-3 matrix # The...
  机器学习 knn聚类        Python     

Some examples of python II

An instance of a python to do a photo browser, in fact, a player, and there are lots of good places, hoped everybody exchanges together, public do a complete fun instance. While primarily to learn common good luck!...
  Shell Script        Python     

python+Qt to achieve a fake QQ simple chat program

Use python+Qt to implement a QQ-like a simple chat program...
  Socket        Python     

python implementation of the regular script examples of running programs

python implementation of timed run script examples of programs scheduled to start the server script procedures...
  Server Tech        Python     

python ArcGIS core bulk image mosaic

In python Xia based on Arcgisn kernel completed has images stitching of features, according to image of location for stitching, for overlap to of processing, is behind processing of image will cover front processing of image, calculation all of entered file of space range of and set, then according...
  Algorithm        Python     

python bulk download Baidu image

Batch download pictures that you write in python programs, Baidu pictures download pictures in bulk, you can manually enter a keyword, set the save path and need to download a number of pictures, the program can automatically download, when implemented using multi-thread downloading technology to ac...
  应用程序        Python     

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