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JAVA version of the calculator Applet

JAVA version of the calculator Applet can basically achieve the functionality of the calculator adds, subtracts, divides, and the interface appears, can be used as JAVA beginner practiced hand, and this program is already running, it is unmistakable...

java Applet

it is an java Applet program to see the animated view of the java code of crypto algorithms. the source can be utilized in all java IDMs and can be modified as per the requirements of the user...


Algorithms it is developed in Java and described in the build in functions as per the algorithm pesudocode defined. this description can be utilized as per the modification of all code and necessaries of the user....

MFC calculator Applet

Modelled on the calculator Applet for Windows comes with samples, a graphics based on MFC Visual calculator Applet () function currently there are no Windows on the complete, simple and simple, interface is very simple, easy to use, the user can according to their own ideas or your own function to m...

Paint Applet

This software is an Applet that provides an environment for a user similar to painting...

For simple javaApplet browser view

1. play: double-click a playlist of songs to play, plays the song's information will be the song information appears to the right of the Panel, while matching the lyrics, the lyrics corresponding lyrics displayed in the right panel.2. stop: in the song there is a small button at the bottom of the li...

Online exam for Applet base program

In the present system of the Examination conducted through franchises of the Educational institutions are carried out manually.  Institutions are sending questions papers to the franchises for examination and collect the answer sheet from the franchise all these things are taking lot of tim...

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