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Multi-threaded ClientServer Socket Class

2015-03-15 22:31    By:shengfang666      View:90      Download:0

A SOCKET class function is perfect, you can use netwoRK programming with the WINDOWS platform, provides many important API interface that encapsulates most of the frequently used functions for netwoRK programming. Which mainly consists of two classes, Address classes as well as Sockets class....

Socket C++

Exploiting modification direction steganographic algorithm

1 hours ago    By:windinice      View:41      Download:2

Reference paper x. Zhang and s. Wang, "Efficient steganographic embedding by exploiting modification direction," IEEE Commun. Lett., vol. 10, no. 11, pp. 781–783, Nov. 2006. Secret information for the 2n+1 binary number, carrier length n. Embedding change up carrier 1 (+1-1),...

隐写 Matlab

Acceleration of AT_ZStack-CC2530-2.3.0-1.4.0_ temperature low_power

2015-03-23 11:51    By:guoym      View:114      Download:5

Acceleration of AT_ZStack-CC2530-2.3.0-1.4.0_ temperature low_power Containing the full open stream zstack protocol stack code and schematic, should be directly on the project, can also study and transplantation...

Embeded C

Best to use the VC++ socket multicast application

2015-01-13 07:06    By:ewitxu      View:33      Download:0

VC++ socket multicast application, implement asynchronous SOCKET TCP transmission...


Empirical orthogonal function (PCA) estimation for EEG time series

2015-03-08 04:38    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:175      Download:0

This source contains the empirical orthogonal functional analysis (EOF) calculation for an individual or population of EEG power spectrum multivariate time series. The zip file contains several versions of the code useful for different contexts, including code that returns only the first EOF versus...

Matlab Matlab

Alcatel CTI interface for the development of examples.

2015-03-10 09:40    By:Jack Lee      View:48      Download:0

Alcatel CTI interface for the development of examples. CSTA32CSTA32 for Alcatel-Lucent Exchange development...

Communication Visual C++

stereo matching code

2015-03-25 02:47    By:qingqingzjin      View:111      Download:2

This is a stereo matching full code under MATLAB, comes from a University abroad routine contains detailed. m file and cross compiling cpp and h files, suitable for carefully studying specific algorithms...

Image Processing Matlab


2015-01-06 06:48    By:acdsccg      View:84      Download:0

With VC++MFC achieved of Visual of chat tools, main with has UDP agreement and TCP agreement, is divided into client and server, through test, can in LAN in for communications, is cannot across netwoRK, hope to you useful..................................................................................

chat Visual C++

Eight digital questions----artificial intelligence chart search strategies

2015-02-27 12:04    By:superzhe      View:32      Download:0

(1) Understand the concept of a better understanding of the various search strategies; (2) More about heuristic search, α-β剪枝等概念 ; (3) Compare and analyze a variety of search strategies in real terms. Nine squares-problems / eight digital questions, for example , pro...

Algorithm C

Discrete Cosine Transform(DCT/IDCT) in VHDL

2015-03-25 06:00    By:veeru      View:100      Download:1

the Project aim is to design DCT and IDCT in VHDL. DCT is used in image compression to compress the JPEG image. This file contains DCT and IDCT blocks and top module which integrates two blocks and testbench to test the two modules....

vhdl VHDL

the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

2015-03-23 22:32    By:gloriousbruce      View:138      Download:3

The CVRP is a hard combinatorial optimisation problem. The scenario is that a set of depots contains goods to be delivered to customers by a fleet of trucks. Each customer wants a certain integer amount of goods called their demand and each truck can only carry a certain amount called its capacit...

Algorithm Matlab

Open source honeypot capture HPC

2014-12-15 15:38    By:spencer      View:25      Download:1

Capture is a high interaction client honeypot (also called honeyclient). A client honeypot or honeyclient is a security technology that allows one to find malicious servers on a netwoRK. Capture identifies malicious servers by interacting with potentially malicious servers using a dedicated virtu...

Java Development Java

STM32-based 4-axis stepper motor acceleration/deceleration control

8 hours ago    By:taozhengxin      View:667      Download:14

STM32-based 4-axis stepper motor acceleration/deceleration control complete project source code, there are two sets; one is STM32F103, the other is STM32F405; you can control the acceleration and deceleration of 4-axis stepper motors; rate can up to 100K;  the algorithm of this source code is b...

Arm C

Optical character recognition (OCR)

2015-03-11 04:42    By:18686518921      View:103      Download:1

Optical character recognition (OCR) optical character recognition an m program has more than one callback function. After you run the main program to achieve target object is locked to the picture, and extraction. And from the ABC library functions with the corresponding letters are displayed...

Matlab Matlab

[Source code] n-order square matrix crout (crout) decomposition of MATLAB implementation

2015-02-17 03:46    By:njwhat      View:45      Download:0

Matrix analysis of lessons learned on triangular decomposition of n-order square matrix or Kraut (crout) decomposition, he tried to use MATLAB programming....

Matlab Matlab

Much the same port the client socket connection

2015-02-25 19:03    By:qq4261012      View:55      Download:0

Much the same port the client socket connection...

CSharp C#

Based on c++, Qt creator documentation

2015-03-13 09:12    By:zdxzdx      View:37      Download:1

This document is based on the Qt creatorj QuickStart books, themselves by reading the book, as well as their own learning experiences, were collected. This document is easy to understand, suits without Qt programming basics. Qt but do not form the basis of programming knowledge, as well as people wh...

Embeded C++
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