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HMM model speech recognition source code

2015-11-24 23:33    By:duandian      View:441      Download:10


Voice C

speech recognition using MFCC and VQ

2015-10-28 09:32    By:rasool      View:109      Download:0

Now-way-days speech recognition in real time under noise conditions is major challenge. so many algorithms are implemented for recognition of speech like LPC, Wavelets,DTW,HMM etc. ...

software Matlab

speech recognition using matlab

2015-11-24 10:31    By:kiran      View:164      Download:1

 speech Verification software, or voice biometrics, is technology that relies on that fact that we all have a unique voice that identifies us. speech verification software is most commonly used in security applications, such as gaining access to restricted areas of a building, or compu...

Windows Kernel Matlab

speech recognition and matching VQ DHMM

2015-11-24 23:33    By:zhujlfine      View:48      Download:0

speech recognition and matching VQ DHMM model training procedures, C language, has been positioned, can be directly transplanted to eight 16-bit MCU or DSP. And the current market speech recognition algorithm toys basically the same, very practical, is for your reference. stealing jobs other people...

Windows C++

speech recognition

47 minutes ago    By:chenlixiang      View:81      Download:2

speech recognition algorithm, MATLAB complete implementation of algorithm has the reference value, which contains the 5 files, parameter calculation program, train-on a mfcc-MFCC HMM training programs, Viterbi-the Viterbi algorithm, as well as endpoint detection of speech recognition code...

Algorithm Matlab

speech recognition

2015-10-03 12:45    By:sarincr      View:17      Download:0

Copy all files in Matlab current directoryand type "speakerrecognition" on Matlab command window. After unzipping the file correctly, you will find two folders,TRAIN and TEST, each contains some files,named: S1.WAV, S2.WAV, …, ; each is labeled after the ID of the speaker.These...

Windows Matlab

speech recognition

2015-10-07 01:57    By:shubh123      View:56      Download:3

this program can test speech and then will recognise itopen with gui_try.mthis is basically a speech recognition program develop by me...

Matlab Matlab

speech recognition in telugu language

2015-10-16 08:15    By:lorde      View:29      Download:0

Sphinx-4 is a state-of-the-art speech recognition system written entirely in the JavaTM programming language. It was created via a joint collaboration between the Sphinx group at Carnegie Mellon University, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL), and Hewlett Packard...

Java Development Java

speech recognition

2015-07-08 07:46    By:yugeshlodha      View:37      Download:0

MATLAB code for speech recognition...

Matlab Matlab


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