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spline function program

this program can compute 1-D spline function.The user can put some known  1-D datas, and the interpolation value could be calculated by thisprogram  base on spline function....

approximation method

having a function you just need to follow instruction in the source code and approximate as you want...

spline fitting

This toolbox performs spline fitting on signals, it can be used to smooth signals with customized number of breaks/knots or window size....

Constrained splined Interpolator in VBA

Cubic splines traditionally suffer from overshooting (particularly under constraints), which results in less than desirable accuracy. By sacrificing some smoothness in the spline, we can prevent overshooting. This can be achieved by eliminating the requirement for equal 2nd&...

B-spline basis functions code

B-spline is a spline curve is a special kind of representation. It is a linear combination of b-spline curves. B-splines are a generalization of Bézier curve can be further generalized to non-uniform rational b-spline (NURBS), so that we can provide more accurate models of geometry, and b-spline ba...

VC++ cubic spline interpolation and Bezier curves example program

This source code is the implementation of cubic spline interpolation algorithm  and data smoothing using  VC++ MFC.  The control point setup can be implemented on MFC interface, can choose cubic spline interpolation or Bezier smoothing. Results  are displayed on GUI....

The spline curve fitting

spline curve fitting by simple rational spline curve fitting method based on algorithms and eventually realize the NURBS curve generation and its inverse...

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