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B-spline basis functions code

2015-01-29 01:50    By:qcl123      View:83      Download:0

B-spline is a spline curve is a special kind of representation. It is a linear combination of b-spline curves. B-splines are a generalization of Bézier curve can be further generalized to non-uniform rational b-spline (NURBS), so that we can provide more accurate models of geometry, and b-spline ba...

Matlab Matlab

VC++ cubic spline interpolation and Bezier curves example program

2015-03-19 06:50    By:mading      View:250      Download:6

This source code is the implementation of cubic spline interpolation algorithm  and data smoothing using  VC++ MFC.  The control point setup can be implemented on MFC interface, can choose cubic spline interpolation or Bezier smoothing. Results  are displayed on GUI....

Algorithm C++

Constrained splined Interpolator in VBA

2015-02-26 12:48    By:peepingtom      View:37      Download:0

Cubic splines traditionally suffer from overshooting (particularly under constraints), which results in less than desirable accuracy. By sacrificing some smoothness in the spline, we can prevent overshooting. This can be achieved by eliminating the requirement for equal 2nd&...

Algorithm VB

The spline curve fitting

2015-01-29 03:25    By:kissvc      View:87      Download:0

spline curve fitting by simple rational spline curve fitting method based on algorithms and eventually realize the NURBS curve generation and its inverse...

Algorithm C++

Fractal spline and wavelet source,

2015-01-25 19:55    By:b545237988      View:51      Download:2

1- Fractal spline and wavelet source, using matlab code...

Matlab Matlab

Under MFC implementation of b-spline

2014-12-03 01:15    By:蝈蝈      View:37      Download:0

This program is developed using C++ MFC framework program in MFC window using the mouse to select the control point so as to draw a b-spline curve. This procedure is as a computer graphics courses internships job, using four different algorithms for drawing curves. The structure is clear...

计算机图形学 C++

RMS approximation using Trapezoidal Rule Method

2015-03-04 14:03    By:fats      View:16      Download:0

An m file that can compute the Root-Mean-Square of waveforms such as a sine wave and a triangular wave. This is an application of the trapezoidal rule method which uses integration as a process. Using the variable b,a,N,T,C,Vp which basically means, b= the upper range for approximati...

Matlab Matlab

spline function program

2014-11-25 23:00    By:jsbgl      View:22      Download:0

this program can compute 1-D spline function.The user can put some known  1-D datas, and the interpolation value could be calculated by thisprogram  base on spline function....

Algorithm C


2015-02-01 02:25    By:saeed      View:40      Download:0

Numerical calculations Algorithms: CLAMPED CUBIC spline ALGORITHM in Math Written by Pascal To construct the cubic spline interpolant S for the function f,   defined at the numbers x(0) < x(1) < ... < x(n), satisfying   S'(x(0)) = f'(x(0)) and S'(x(n)) = f'(x(n)):&n...

Algorithm Pascal

Non-orthogonal two-dimensional binary quadratic spline wavelet

2015-01-24 19:28    By:a545237988      View:26      Download:0

Non-orthogonal two-dimensional binary quadratic spline wavelet...

Matlab Matlab

Successive approximation ADC

2014-12-12 02:29    By:Prashant      View:25      Download:0

help file, text only version. MATLAB CODE FOR SIMULATION OF A SUCCESSIVE approximation CONVERTER FABRIZIO CONSO The code works for the simulation of a successive approximation converter,  both for static and dynamic characterization.  An error is introduced in the for...

Matlab Matlab

approximation method

2015-01-04 01:07    By:alexcardo      View:11      Download:0

having a function you just need to follow instruction in the source code and approximate as you want...

Algorithm Matlab
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