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this program describes the control of an inverted pendulum using PID controller in Simulink matlab. ...

CRoundButton. all sorts of Buttons

All kinds of Buttons containing the source code and demo program's strong for interface development...


Pretty simple code, is to first draw a memory Bitmap, drawing copied to the window DC. Of bitmap Button using double buffering technique does not Flash Bitmap Buttons Realization of irregular Buttons Irregular active area As well, frequently...

CButtonST class

The main implement loading bmp images, and icon icons, beautify Button class interface, easy to use!...

Graphcontrol example

Graphcontrol_exm, you can find the best graph control example,remember me!...

control romate compute

a small programes, include server and client,in server you can set servers , and in client , you can call computer throuth server....

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