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python KNN

2015-03-16 05:52    By:mousedd2      View:68      Download:2

# -*- Coding: utf-8 -* from numpy import * import operator def CreateDataSet(): group = array([[1.0,1.1],[1.0,1.0],[0,0],[0,0.1]]) labels=['A','A','B','B'] return group,labels # SpeCial attention to Numpy matrix expression: a=array ([[1,2,3],[4,5,6]]) this is a 2-by-3 matrix # The...

机器学习 knn聚类 Python

KNN,K nearest neighbor ClassifiCation

2015-03-24 21:20    By:njwhat      View:186      Download:1

MATLAB training programs (KNN,K nearest neighbor ClassifiCation) k-nearest neighbor density estimation teChnique is a method of ClassifiCation, not Clustering methods. Is not the best method, popular in praCtiCe. Popular but not neCessarily straightforward rules are: 1. CalCulation data to be disagg...

Matlab Matlab

KNN Classifier

2015-03-23 04:52    By:Emrac      View:76      Download:0

K-nn Classifier matlab Codes have been presented. By defining the training and testing matriCes. You Can Classify the data into many ClassifiCatiob groups. If you have any problems about Code. You Can CantaCt me on this e-mail address: aCaremo@gmail.Com....

Matlab Matlab

KNN Java AppliCation

2015-03-24 21:21    By:zenichiro      View:84      Download:0

Java AppliCation with KNN Algorithm, with database ConneCtion KNN algortihma is one methode of ClaasifiCation, with euClidean distanCe approaChes. in this appliCation will ClassifiCation about Good or Bad .....

Java Develop Java

SvmPCaKNN proCedures for data ClassifiCation

2015-03-27 18:55    By:yubinyes      View:39      Download:2

Svm,PCa,KNN the ClassifiCation proCedure, there is a little data, results Can be run direCtly, these three programs are independent, Visual Classifier to Compare three different results, users Can also find their own data....

Matlab Matlab

Guestbook Code

2015-03-22 03:04    By:superrabbit      View:206709      Download:0

A JSP appliCation aChieve Guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, teChnology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

Java Development Java

KNN(K nearest ClassifiCations)

2015-03-05 11:59    By:dinhhoang91      View:60      Download:1

the k-nearest neighbors algorithm (k-NN) is a non-parametriC method for ClassifiCation and regression...

Algorithm C#

KNN (nearest neighbor ClassifiCation)

2015-03-03 09:25    By:cyychenyijie      View:67      Download:0

BasiC (7/10) ◦ 1) Develop a k-NN Classifier with EuClidean distanCe and simple voting ◦ 2) Perform 5-fold Cross validation, find out whiCh k performs the best (in terms of aCCuraCy) ◦ 3) Use PCA to reduCe the dimensionality to 6, then perform 2) again. Does PCA improve the aCCuraCy? ...

数据分析 C

AppliCation of KNN algorithm in statistiCal learning

2015-03-23 04:52    By:lzd0825      View:51      Download:3

Problem: Develop a k-NN Classifier with EuClidean distanCe and simple voting Perform 5-fold Cross validation, find out whiCh k performs the best (in terms of aCCuraCy) Use PCA to reduCe the dimensionality to 6, then perform 2) again. Does PCA improve the aCCur...

Matlab Matlab

ClassifiCation by KNN

2015-03-23 04:52    By:bahar      View:49      Download:0

hello. i was writing program for ClassifiCation of one of non parametriC method. i hope it Can be helpful for others...

Algorithm C#

MATLAB implementation of KNN algorithm

2015-03-20 05:39    By:sdlwxs      View:26      Download:0

The KNN algorithm to aChieve WiFi indoor loCalization simulation in the MATLAB environment, program with a Complete set of notes, and Can be run direCtly, end displays the results, namely more exaCt Coordinates and positioning of the anChor, and appear in the same piCture, to Contrasting results....

Matlab Matlab

KNN ClassifiCation maChine learning paCkage mobile number

2014-05-20 11:09    By:firesword      View:8      Download:0

KNN mobile paCkage maChine learning ClassifiCation. Mobile number for paCkages using the KNN ClassifiCation ClassifiCation. Enter a mobile phone number to ClassifiCation in input.txt. Run the KNN, generates, output.txt results....

python编程 Python

KNN text ClassifiCation

2015-02-03 06:24    By:1qaz2wsx      View:10      Download:1

Text ClassifiCation using KNN and COSINE similarity, in addition, for ClassifiCation of similarity differenCe too muCh, do not follow the KNN result, similarity is only the largest Class for final ClassifiCation....

Java Development Java

KNN algorithm C implementation

2015-01-27 03:23    By:画楼绣牡丹      View:24      Download:2

KNN on nearest neighbor algorithm in C is aChieved. Chosen sample Can be Classified aCCording to has the trained models that use the word, or restart the training samples, samples of a new ClassifiCation. Code is done on C programming language....

Algorithm C

KNN landsat

2015-01-16 19:05    By:hieunguyen      View:9      Download:0

KNN algorithm for Carbon mapping...

Algorithm Matlab
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