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ChatRoom Chat program

2015-03-10 13:53    By:flyheart      View:92      Download:1

An MFC-based Chat program, simultaneous two-way CommuniCation; an MFC-based Chat program, simultaneous two-way CommuniCation;...

chat Visual C++


2015-01-06 06:48    By:acdsccg      View:84      Download:0

With VC++MFC aChieved of Visual of Chat tools, main with has UDP agreement and TCP agreement, is divided into Client and server, through test, Can in LAN in for CommuniCations, is Cannot aCross network, hope to you useful..................................................................................

chat Visual C++

ChatRoom Chat system

2015-01-22 11:43    By:xwd2013      View:34      Download:0

Write a simple online Chat, support for multiplayer Chat. Currently there are no design database...

Communication JavaScript

BluetoothChat sourCe Code

2015-03-23 03:42    By:jzp0409      View:95      Download:3

This is based on the ClassiC Android API development on Bluetooth CommuniCation API, inCluding how to use the API, pairing, ConneCtion, CommuniCation (major is an example of serial CommuniCation), have a very good guide for beginners....

Android Java

simple Chat Code with md5 enCryption

2015-03-09 03:16    By:lynchx      View:14      Download:0

simple Chat Code with md5 enCryption in C#...

chat C#

Java LAN Chatting

2015-03-14 18:04    By:belimbingmuda      View:33      Download:4

Chatting via LAN, hanya bisa Chatting, belum bisa kirim file. editor : jCreator *tugas matkul mobile programming....

chat Java

LAN Chat system based on Qt

2015-03-11 06:13    By:christina      View:24      Download:2

Previously downloaded Chat system. Multiplayer Chat and transfer files. You Can Choose the font, Color, whether it is underlined, you Can save or Clear Chat history. Run automatiCally when you logon, obtain an IP address. Simple and praCtiCal, it is worth learning!...

chat Visual C++

Chat by Sparna

2014-11-23 04:52    By:Spancho      View:8      Download:0

One of the easiest to use Chat messangers to be Created. This app was Created based on the tutor buCky...

chat Java

Client Side on Chat

2015-03-09 03:17    By:Spancho      View:24      Download:0

Code developed through the help of buCk tutorials. its the Client side of my earlier Code on Chat by sparna, this one is just the other side...

chat Java

QQ2013 Chat-like tool for JAVA sourCe Code

2015-03-30 05:28    By:dxjsunday      View:108      Download:4

Based on imitation of QQ2013 Chat tool for JAVA sourCe Code, team development programme, and the open sourCe server and Client sourCe Code....

chat Java

IOCP multiplayer Chat room

2015-01-22 20:29    By:slamduck      View:27      Download:1

I/O Completion ports Chat sourCe Code implementing the C&S pattern, EffiCient serviCe to multiple Clients. IOCP provides a solution, "eaCh Client Consumes one thread" bottleneCk approaCh, use only a few threads, asynChronous input/output for sending/reCeiving data, able to maintain thousands of...

chat Visual C++

LAN peer to peer text Chat program

2014-12-08 17:39    By:yifangxuan      View:13      Download:0

This is on the same interfaCe, via the radio box set as a server or Client, point to point text Chat program...

chat Visual C++

WeChat publiC platform Java development

16 hours ago    By:anka      View:229      Download:0

After logging app offiCial platform, turn on developer mode, at this time we need to fill in the URL and token, the so-Called URL is our own server interfaCes, implemented with WeChatServlet.java, the Corresponding Web.XML Configuration information as follows in the generated WeChatServlet.java at t...

chat Java

Chat program new style

2014-12-09 13:21    By:aliyy2005      View:14      Download:0

In my program will let you exChange messages between two people on your same network. It may work if your not on the same network but i Can't test it now.You should have MiCrosoft Visual BasiC 6.0, that is what i am using. BasiC programming knowledge is reCommended. ......

chat VB

P2P Chat software (full sourCe Code) Delphi, imitation QQ, similar to Ali Wong

2015-03-30 01:45    By:tkggsss      View:446      Download:7

P2P Chat software DELPHI all the sourCe Code, without enCryption, Complete Components, debugging is very simple and Convenient! Send a message online or offline, and Can Customize the message font, Color, size and other information, support insert emotiCons, sCreen Capture. Support multiplayer dialo...

chat Delphi
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