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Criminisi classical algorithms

2015-02-02 22:02    By:feitongxunchang      View:65      Download:4

The algorithm is criminisi classical procedure, have lots of help for beginners, as well as ready-made art, criminisi  algorithm can very well be fromEntry to the master....

Image Processing Matlab

miniSQL for databaseDesign

2014-12-12 10:38    By:棒棒哒      View:15      Download:0

Design of database system for course assignmentsDesign and implement a thin single-user SQL engine (DBMS) miniSQL, allowing the user to enter a SQL statement through the character interface implementing table creation/deletion; index creation/deletion and table record insert/delete/search. Through t...

DataBase C++

mini C Complier Implementation with Yacc and Lex

2015-03-23 13:15    By:250468088      View:166      Download:6

Compile the mini C code into U code.- Lex modulelex source : LexicalAnalyzer.llex header : LexicalAnalyzer.h- Parser moduleyacc source : parser.yyacc header : parser.h- U-code Generatorsource file : genUCODE.cheader file : genUCODE.h- makefile- Example filebubble.mc / bubble2.mcGenerate the compilin...

编译器 C

This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. ​

2014-12-19 03:33    By:FreeTree      View:35      Download:0

This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini...

Java Development ActionScript


2014-12-22 03:14    By:FreeTree      View:32      Download:0

This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led contorl source. This is mini2440 gpio led...

Linux programming C

QXL driver source code, including both miniport and display parts

2015-03-13 09:42    By:aaaaa      View:42      Download:0

QXL source packages and Windows QXL driver, including the miniport and display components. Can run directly using the Windows SDK. Generated files include the qxldd.dll and QXL.sys files....

Windows C++

C network programming example (minissh, Webget, NFC, NetLink, net-FIFO)

2015-03-31 22:20    By:cool@crawler.com      View:142      Download:0

Some network programming examples: minissh, webget, nfc, netlink, etc......



2015-02-18 05:10    By:sinjisong      View:97      Download:0

To implement your own database management program. You can write SQL statements in the input, then I can help you with the program statement, then the reaction in my database, my database, I manage storage, table properties are stored, and so on. To compliment my own buffer technology, of cour...

DataBase Visual C++

Serial program on miniGUI

2014-12-01 12:29    By:rose0304      View:22      Download:0

miniGUI implemented on the keyboard, select the baud rate, serial, send, receive, and read and write functions. miniGUI is a good program, you can understand this miniGUI serial communication problem, but there was an issue, read data for a period of time is stuck...

Linux programming C++

mini STM32 sample code

2015-03-24 00:53    By:ccemy      View:73      Download:1

Using min stm32  module  samples code SD card,USB,LED,ENC,CAn,SYSTIC,ADC,LCD,vb. STM32-ucOS II V2.86 uCGUI 3.9 DEMO...

Arm C

adaminicompiler using lex

2015-01-18 06:47    By:nayzi      View:23      Download:0

sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl sjdlfkjdfkljl&n...

Console C

PASCAL mini compiler LEX AND YACC

2015-01-11 22:03    By:m.elayadi      View:60      Download:2

lex -l Lexfile.l yacc -d Parser.y g++ lex.yy.c y.tab.c ./a.out <input.txt >output.txt Assembly Compile: nasm -f elf input.asm ld -o ouput input.o ./output...

Windows C

Through a Web camera on remote viewing and control of mini6410

2015-03-03 07:41    By:t65jay      View:46      Download:0

On Linux via a Web browser for remote viewing and control camera linux network under the multi-threaded programming, video capture and realize ARM9 send jpeg data network, using udp protocol, wrote it myself, engaged in for several days! linux under the more complicated multi-threaded, error-p...

Embeded C

pl/0 compiler

2015-01-03 01:16    By:windsfantasy6      View:24      Download:0

PL/0-language compiler, PL/0 is a subset of the Pascal language language, concise easy to learn and easy to read, very suitable for studying compiler theory the students carry out a preliminary study to learn Flex, automata and so on related concepts, as well as the initial schema compiler code....

编译原理 C

miniGUI graphical interface

2015-01-28 01:54    By:hu_8911111      View:26      Download:0

Following mingui open source Linux platform, is free to develop a variety of interfaces. Is a good free and open source code. Hope useful for all. Version 3.3...

Linux programming C

GameMaker 8.x Decompiler

2015-03-30 10:37    By:Transpose      View:95      Download:0

This is a decompiler for games created using Game Maker 8.0 and Game Maker 8.1. It does not support older or newer revisions of the Game Maker software. It's a console based application, but work has begun on a GUI for this tool. Recovers the entire source code.There will, however, be case...

Decompiler C++

Stack Less JIT compiler

2014-12-06 18:03    By:showmic      View:16      Download:0

A simple, machine independent JIT compiler Called SLJIT, which suitable for translating interpreted byte code to machine code. The sljitLir.h describes the LIR (low-level intermediate representation) of SLJIT.Compatible: Any C (C++) compiler. At least I hope so.Using sljit: Copy the content of slj...

compiler C
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