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Cc2541/2540 protocol stack serial (UART) read/write program

7 hours ago    By:云月星空      View:263      Download:5

Cc2541/2540 Bluetooth low energy chips based on TI, read by TI stack implementation Cc2541/2540 serial write function. Serial input events is determined by scanning, and incident response in program realization string mouth data writes and reads. Main code implementation in the onboard.c...

BLECC2541/2540 C

Cc2530 AT24C02 of read and write operations (including connection diagram)

2015-11-09 03:58    By:zhang_chaoning      View:990      Download:5

This program is the AT24C02 Memory chips Write and read operations * * 按照 AT24C02 Manufacturer's information 02 Its storage capacity 即2K * 但此 2K 非彼 2K Its units are bits ( bit ) , 而不是我们平常的字节(byte), * 它的 2K There...

cc2530 C

EMc2 development

2014-12-27 16:53    By:zq123456      View:12      Download:0

EMc2 development 1.Windows control software on the system. Green is not installed, you can run it. Do not install the drivers.  Based on the open source one of the most successful in Developed all over the world with the LINUXCNC (EMc2) ( system. Real time...

Linux programming C++

Keil LPc23xx series examples

2015-11-05 22:39    By:DevilDlf      View:151      Download:0

lpc23xx/24xx--keil common     -- inc -- lpc23xx.h  Definition file of all the registers of LPc23xx     The LPc24xx register definition is also included.  -- irq.h  Interrupt related definitions and API prototyping -- type.h  Type definition -- target.h...

Arm C

lcp2106 enc28j60driver

2015-11-18 04:56    By:x654876266      View:67      Download:2

It is based on the lpc2106 enc28j60 driver source code, can be tested for the lwip protocol stack, an Ethernet controller enc28j60 SPI interface is based, is widely used in Ethernet communications....

Embeded C

The arduino ether net communication code for enc28j60 chip

2015-11-14 21:01    By:mahmoudatef      View:136      Download:0

Arduino ether net communication code , this is based on ether net chip ENc28j60 , this code is consists of tow module , client module and server module the server module listen on port 9760 and send data at port 9766...

Embeded C

Cc2530 ACK response basicRF

2015-07-02 15:19    By:sxlegend      View:44      Download:0

This program is a point-lighting Cc2530 communication between the plates under basicRF agreement,  which includes driving, the main function and other appropriate cpp file, you can control TI's corresponding  PDF data to be modified...

Embeded C

S3c2440 minimal systems development board PCB design

2015-09-09 22:58    By:gxx1125      View:2643      Download:0

The S3c2440A using ARM920T, integrated the following functions: 1. 1.2V core, 1.8V/2.5vV/3.3V memory, 3.3V extended I/O,1.6KB I cache 2. External storage...

Embeded C

Based on Altera's Nios II checksum use validate the c2H Accelerator system-Cyclone II

2015-11-18 00:06    By:jisungroc      View:2774      Download:1

Based on Altera's Nios II checksum use validate the c2H Accelerator system has been validated by the DE-2 Board, Component,Software Code there is DMA mode, and Custom Instruction, and General compared the component. Want to know NiosII system should have a lot of help....

verilog Verilog

lpc2148 arm 7 adc

2015-11-05 11:11    By:ravikiran.bolla      View:228      Download:2

Testing it out The easiest way to test the ADC code above is with a 'potentiometer' (often referred to simply  as a 'pot'). A potentiometer is a simple device that changes its' 'resistance' as you adjust  it. It may have 10.0K Ohms resistance at one end, for example, a...

Embeded C


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