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MIMO_OFDM channel estmation

OFDM signal simulation in a multi-antenna. In the program, set the number of antennas is 2 * 2, can modify their own. Channel selection is Rayleigh fading channels, the figure shows a comparison can not Add channel estimation and Add channel BER estimate after. Run...

Stm3210-eval+DM9051 uCOS+LwIP implementing phone connections and iPerf speed test

Stm32f103 development platform, using the SPI interface, external connected with DM9051 100Mbps high-speed web chips, in the uCOS-II + LwIP system, implementing the Web Server, DHCP Client, STMP, iPerf and phone connection control. Source codes were developed under Keil 4.0, DM9051 SP...

php business self-build website system

Corporate website is the Internet's first steps For first time users of a Web site, Web pages can be a difficult thing; for others to help website users, later updates of the Web site and may be a maintenance headache. A lack of expertise, lack of expertise, this leaves companies to build stations,...

PArticle Swarm Optimization algorithm for QoS routing problem MATLAB source code

PArticle Swarm Optimization algorithm and its application in the field of discrete optimization are relatively rare, for the application of pArticle swarm optimization algorithm QoS Routing area, but do not deviate from the basic idea of pArticle swarm optimization algorithm, defined and designed a...

LIBSVM algorithm reads the code and database program

Libsvm source code, can be used for water quality analysis and prediction of wind speed, equipped to read the database program, applications and algorithms exist....

impulsive noise Addition in ofdm transmission

In an ofdm system the signal is generated and the impulsive noise is Added in order in which the constellation are plotted to  identify the ofdm signal transmitted data...A relatively  OFDM Simulation and design of communication systems, including   modulation, IFFT  ...

OFDM simulation program

OFDM simulation program, including various QAM modulation mode, as well as a large number of simulations,  detailed analysis of the situation of different channel code A detailed description, suitable for beginners....

php version of online shopping Mall

php version of the Mall, merchandise management, shopping carts, billing functionality is already available, and fairly complete php shopping mall, it is a good reference. For php beginners great reference value....

MIMO OFDM signal to noise ratio

It combines a multiple-input, multiple-output ( MIMO ), By multiplying the antenna signal capacity, and Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), in a radio channel is divided into a large number of closely spaced channels to provide more reliable communications, at high speeds. 1990 mid-te...

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