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53 Wavelet Decomposition and reconstruction

Matlab on 53 Wavelet Decomposition and reconstruction programs, achieved good results, for 53 Wavelet help....

2013-09-27 08:09
by sgxp

Cc2530 AT24C02 of read and write operations (including connection diagram)

This program is the AT24C02 Memory chips Write and read operations * * 按照 AT24C02 Manufacturer's information 02 Its storage capacity 即2K * 但此 2K 非彼 2K Its units are bits ( bit ) , 而不是我们平常的字节(byte), * 它的 2K There...

VS1053 driver

VS1053 drivers, based on the STM32, you free format encoding, such as MP2,MP3,FLAC, VS1053B VS1003 upgrades and more robust. This program, based on the STM32 can implement MP3/MP2 to play, you can set the volume by pressing previous/next song....

Guestbook code

A JSP application achieve Guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

HL5309 IC driver example

The HL5309 operator makes the firmware within cases, a Hobby could use this in your area go to control HL5309 IC,HL5309 IC Agape Xie Mifare Ultralight tag may Ying used in toys, uprated by syndrome differentiation of identity consciousness, such as Gatwick-ban....

2014-08-30 10:02

Cc2530 key control LED water light

Cc2530 suite, achieving key control LED water light flashing, c code, based on iar810...

2014-10-03 11:18
by lili

CC2530 ACK response basicRF

This program is a point-lighting CC2530 communication between the plates under basicRF agreement,  which includes driving, the main function and other appropriate cpp file, you can control TI's corresponding  PDF data to be modified...

2014-10-24 04:27

CC2530 serial number issued

Microcontroller serial number issued by serial debugging assistant can show, COM port is actually used,  the baud rate is set to: 57600...

msp430g2553 generate sine wave source code

This is a program about msp430g2553, and his somewhat complicated timers, beginners can refer to this post, there are routines and explain. The timer generates a sine wave with msp430g2553, I hope to help you, thank you!...

2014-11-02 02:16

cc2530 read ds3231

Cc2530 bare metal works under IAR realize I2C interface, read ds3231 high precision real-time clock data, and real-time display via the LCD screen....

2014-11-05 09:05
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