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Block-based random image sampling is coupled with a projectiondriven Compressed-sensing recovery that encourages sparsity in the domain of directional transforms simultaneously with a smooth reconstructed image. Both contourlets as well as complex-valued dual-tree wavelets are considered for the...

Huffman Compression deCompressor

Huffman Compression deCompressor files support Compression of binary files, Compressed, to save the original file names MFC projects...

Compressive sensing SOMP reconstruction algorithm

This is a reconstruction algorithm in Compressive sensing framework. The procedure can be seen as a function in matlab which can be used in main procedure.  The procedure is edited based on the paper "Marco F. Duare, Shriram Sarvotham,   Distributed Compressed Sensing of Jointly Spar...

data Compression

The project includes several popular Compression algorithm implementations, specifically:1, Arithmetic coding 2, Huffman coding 3, LZ77 coding 4, LZ78 coding 5, LZW 6, RLE 7, DCT , 8 Furie transform, is a very good data Compression algorithm and realization of study materials....

huffman file Compress deCompress

Huffman file Compressor deCompressor.Use adaptive huffman, Compress all file types, save in *.asv file, that can be deCompress. all files included....

Compressive_tracker example

CT track was completed on the zedboard implementation, to open the webcam and tracking the first thing that appears at a specified position....

Compressed sensing Xampling

Compressed sensing code on Xampling hardware recovery algorithm using OMP reconstruction, the observation matrix measurement using Bernoulli matrices. Is the current Compressed sensing do best in Israel doing the program, CTF modules which should focus on learning...

Compressed sensing Matlab code

Compressed sensing, Compressive sampling, Compressed sensing. As a new theory of sampling, it develops through signal sparse property, in conditions of far less than the Nyquist  sample rate, using random sampling to obtain discrete samples of a signal and then reconstruction algorithm of nonli...

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