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MATLAB training program (PSNR)

2015-03-23 15:51    By:njwhat      View:93      Download:2

MATLAB training program (PSNR) PSNR peak signal to noise ratio, typically used to evaluate an image and compared to the original image quality after compression is good or bad, of course, poor quality of compressed image must be larger than the original image, so use this index to the required stand...

Matlab Matlab

Complete calculation of MSE, PSNR for EZW algorithm

2015-03-25 03:52    By:MegumiIsh      View:88      Download:1

EZW algorithm (Wavelet zero tree) testing various types of images, the algorithm is correct, while calculating the MSE, PSNR, results are accurate, algorithm steps are clear, many of your comments help all learners at EZW....

Matlab Matlab

SimpleR source code

2015-03-12 01:37    By:sjtudaniel      View:129      Download:1

This is the SimpleR source code that can be used to calculate two-dimensional incompressible flow and heat transfer problems, very easy to use....

Assembly Language Fortran


2015-01-19 11:42    By:mattyou      View:26      Download:0

SimpleAPI can run on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, and other support JVM OS; operating environment require JDK 1.4.x or later (including JDK 1.4.x). You can click here to download the SimpleAPI Development Kit SimpleAPI.jar; used to tie in with the development gateway Simulator parts Gatewa...

Linux programming Java

Use script Simple_html_dom.php crawl and parse a Web page

2014-12-05 03:14    By:fabulouslw      View:125      Download:0

Use script Simple_html_dom.php crawl and parse a Web page, the program through the PHP grab score football website, data such as Asia and Europe lost; capture data covering all leagues worldwide, national team competitions. After crawling down the page, according to the League, seasons, game species...

Linux programming PHP

MATLAB trivial PSNR stub SSIM

2014-11-29 16:40    By:m10203122      View:19      Download:0

Using MATLAB to trivial SSIM,PSNR design is Is SSIM,PSNR can correspond to Xie, and non-MATLAB onboard IDE instructions...

Image Processing Matlab

stepest descent

2015-01-30 05:12    By:rizal_aje89      View:20      Download:0

stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descent stepest descen...

Windows C++

mfcc code for mel frequency coefficient cepestral

2015-03-13 00:04    By:M_RAHIM      View:68      Download:3

this matlab code is for MFCC in audio processing.mfcc is mel frequency cofficient cepestral. that is a source code about feature extraction about audio....

Matlab Matlab


2014-12-20 16:34    By:dailove1705      View:33      Download:0

#include <unistd.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { if ((write(1, “Here is some data\n”, 18)) != 18) write(2, “A write error has occurred on file descriptor 1\n”,46); exit(0); }...

Linux programming C

DFPD algorithm: a low complexity Demosaicing algorithm with high PSNR

4 hours ago    By:Ming      View:57      Download:0

DFPD 是 Directional Filtering and a posteriori Decision Acronym for computational complexity is low, high frequency processing effects are better than some of the high complexity of algorithms....

Algorithm Matlab

Simple calculator.

2015-03-26 09:07    By:1028293781      View:244      Download:0

calculator. C language completely. Writing a with functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division arithmetic Calculator program. To make it easier to achieve, in our calculators using reverse Poland expression instead of ordinary infix notation. Inverse Poland notation,...

CSharp C

Simple apply ant colony source code Java

2015-03-08 11:36    By:Gift      View:174      Download:15

Simple apply ant colony source code Java- ant algorithm- path- pheromone update...

Java Development Java

steepest descent method

2015-01-30 05:09    By:dovia      View:63      Download:0

This function (sd.m) solve the symmetric system Ax=b using the steepest descent method....

Matlab Matlab


2015-03-28 08:16    By:wangna229      View:17      Download:0

This procedure using MATLAB to realize signal_to_noise how to calculate the signal to noise ratio, the calculation formula is the noise power on signal power ratio, and the DB conversion ratio, eventually getting the signal to noise ratio, the main program for the SNR_singlech.m,...

Matlab Matlab

MSE and PSNR Calculation

2015-03-23 15:51    By:badal      View:20      Download:1

image comparison is always required for the purpose of checking your result.MSE needs to be calculated for the same and then after based on this mse , PSNR is calculated to know the quality of your image frame. this is always required when you do any matching or comparing codes....

Matlab Matlab

PSNR calculation of an image using Matlab

2015-03-17 11:26    By:Habib      View:181      Download:4

It can be used to calculate the PSNR of an original image and distorted or segmented or encrypted color image or Gray Image using Matlab. A step by guideline also provided in the source code....

Matlab Matlab

A Simple compiler source code,

2015-01-26 23:59    By:jlj198911      View:29      Download:1

This is the job of programming languages course (CS 383 Course Project ) In this project, you are going to implement an interpreter for a Simple programming language called SimPL. The language is an extension of calculus which is the basis of functional programming but includes some features...

Java Development Java
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