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The project “Online Courier & Cargo system” delivery status and notification system is being developed for the need of company running simultaneously courier & cargo service this is specially meant for their frontline user service information. This is one of the best efforts by us to...


Attendance Manage system User management module of the human resource management system, attendance management, employee management...

system of human resource management in C++

A complete human resources management system, including employee information management, and many other modules Scope of C++ functions encapsulate SQL Databases with high reliability including amendments modified search module Can be used directly in project development and learning...


To implement your own Database management program. You can write SQL statements in the input, then I can help you with the program statement, then the reaction in my Database, my Database, I manage storage, table properties are stored, and so on. To compliment my own buffer technology, of cour...

Database curriculum design of news management system

A newspaper subscriptions in the course design of Database management system, which contains several user roles, system administrator, Messenger, Web page display interface...

Database management system

i have sent a Database management sytem project to this is very usefull for every Database administrator whoever working about this.This project is implemented using java server page(JSP)...

Database management system

this is a Database management system project using java server page(JSP) language.this is very helpful for whoever searching Database management system project....

system v shared memory based inter-process communication framework

This project is a system v shared memory based inter-process communication framework Compressed package provides source code and the corresponding sample programs, and documentation. Protocol Overview: Use system V Shared memory interprocess communication. Because it provides only the shared mem...

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