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Memory Game

a 2D Memory game with Visual C#....

Memory management

Memory management Continuous distribution patterns can form many "fragment", through the "compact" method to fragment the splicing into usable chunks of space, but must pay a high cost. If you allow a process loosely mounted to many are not directly adjacent to the partition, there is no need fo...

Memory Saleh model MATLAB source code

Communication systems mathematical modeling amplifiers, analog amplifier Memory effects of OFDM modulation signal signal effect and non-linear effects. Amplifiers, where the indicators are described, for example, adjacent channel power leakage ratio ACPR and NMES indicators...

Guestbook code

A JSP application achieve guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

Memory modification

#ifndef _SEARCH_THREAD_H_ #define _SEARCH_THREAD_H_ #Define PROCESS_SIZE 1000//the maximum process #Define number of threads THREAD_NUM 1//search Memory # Define WM_FIND_Memory (WM_USER+1)//find the search values # Define WM_FIND_PROGRESS (WM_USER+2)//search schedule # Define WM_SEAR...

Defrag C code

Defrag source - Defrag utility shows algorithm to move data on one end of the disk. Defragmentations helps to save space on disk, but affects performance of applications...

JOS Lab 2: Memory Management


Content Addressable Memory (CAM)

Content-addressable Memory (CAM) is a special type of computer Memory used in certain very-high-speed searching applications. It is also known as associative Memory, associative storage, or associative array, although the last term is more often used for a programming data s...

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