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JDeveloper App

Aplicacion de ejemplo para la implementacion de Webservices, JAX-WS, Store Procedures, SQL, XML, etc....

HeLLo World

This is a Java version of the HeLLoWorld, nice, although very simple, but for people just getting started with programming is helpful, I hope useful for aLL....

2013-11-26 00:03

ALLegro silk check

; Should work on: ALLegro 16.3 and above ; FuLLy Tested on: ALLegro 16.5 ; ; Purpose: ; 1/ ASU_start - loads user interface form. ; 2/ ASU_copySilkShapesToAutoSilk ; - Copies silk shape objects from Board and Package Geometry layers to AutoSilk. ; - Checks silk to pin and via so...

SheLLlab source code

A sheLL script that can manage processes, you can create, delete, process, maintain a process running in the foreground, as weLL as more background processes running, breaking through the command line is a background process to the foreground, and the current process hangs at the front desk; CTRL-c...

2014-01-04 01:39

CnnonBaLL game

Cannon BaLL Java Game which has  cannon and can shoot targets its a 2d java project and which wiLL help in learning GUI Development...

2014-09-27 11:46

EpoLL complete examples

EpoLL is multiplexed IO interface under Linux select/PoLL Pro version, it can significantly improve the process in the case of a large number of concurrent connections, only a smaLL number of active systems CPU Utilization, as it wiLL reuse The file descriptor Set to deliver results without forcing...

2014-08-25 05:51

DLL injection

DLL injection   download is a very good example, also in this case the Internet looking for, don't know the exact address...

SHELL Linux Sokoban game script

SHELL Linux Russia block game script , used to run in Linux bash parser after playing Sokoban game, the interface is  very simple, commented rich, more than 500 rows...


Use Print Spooler API to read and write data, to give beginners bring convenience, divided into: Open five steps the printer Start a document, Start a page, Read your bytes and so on write.....

ALLegro alignment Widget

ALLegro Layout for the use of their peers do, using a variety of SkiLL Development and earth gadget wiLL undoubtedly increase drafting productivity, which offers an alignment tool, instaLL and use the method in the compression bag with instructions, welcome use....

2014-11-18 08:39
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