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================================================== ==============================     MICROSOFT Foundation Class Library: Facerecognition Project Overview================================================== =============================Application Wizard has created this Facerecognition...

rbf used in electric power load forecast

Elman codes are used to forecast power load, used for short-term electric load forecasting, is creating its own, hope that useful to our students...

Digital wavelet transform

dwt - Digitized/discrete wavelet transform for image feature extraction. is a good feature extraction method for audio and 1 D signal too. uploader do not claim any copyright. download and use it on your own risk. Digital wavelet transform or DWT is very similar to its countinuous counterpart namely...

Digit recognition

Using MATLAB to achieve a number of recognition programs, mainly dominated by vehicle identification number to identify on the Web, grab a photo of a license plate number can give it a try, for the most part is correctly identified, some defects, release out everyone to learn and improve. Some featu...

2014-01-04 01:56

Genetic algorithm optimization of rbf network program

Genetic algorithm optimization of rbf network program. Genetic algorithm optimization of rbf Network Center vector, output power value and base width....

MATLAB environment to achieve the classification of handwritten Digits recognition

OCR (optical character recognition) is a hot pattern recognition research, is widely used in vehicle license plate recognition, ID card number identification, passport, identification and other fields. Handwritten numeral recognition is a branch of optical character recognition technology, which stu...

Digital image processing: quantization

a computer program capable of performing uniform quantization and tapered quantization.Input to your program is one image. Outputs  include the 16-level uniform quantized image , 16-level and 256 level  tapered quantized images, and the histograms of the input image and each outp...

2014-11-02 05:29

Realization of the rbf network--the return of nonlinear regression

In 1985, Powell multivariate interpolation method of radial basis function (RadicalBasis Function). In 1988 Moody and Darken a neural network structure is proposed, namely rbf Neural network, which belongs to the feedforward neural network type, it can be arbitrary-precision approximation of arbitra...

2014-11-11 04:25

Algorithm of rbf in three programs

rbf various algorithms MATLAB program, contribute to the neural network learning, including: a clustering algorithm based on rbf network design 2. Based on the k-means clustering algorithm 3. rbf network design based on OLS rbf network design algorithm (OLS orthogonal Least Squares)...

2014-11-13 09:07

rbfnn for fault diagnosis

This program is written in MATLAB, is an rbf Neural network that can be used for troubleshooting and other applications, you can quickly identify the fault type, very helpful for beginners...

2014-11-13 21:58
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