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FileDisk source

FileDisk is a virtual Disk driver for Windows that uses one or more files to emulate physical Disks. A console application is included that let you dynamically mount and unmount files. An example of use for this driver is if you have made plans spending the weekend writing an RAID driver for NT but...

sprlTools for face recogntion

this is sprl tool.. and  we can use it by many algorithm as LDA ,PCA and SVM ...this  can be implemented  and this tool is mainly based on pattern recogntion.......


Window-Discriminator for 8051 Contrller with ADC and serial communication in EXCEL It is a simple example how to convert analog to digital and visualize in a new application...

Disk dom Source

his DOM implementation is just like your average DOM except that it can store the parsed node data to a file somewhere. Most DOM implementations store their parsed node data in RAM, meaning the the available RAM in the computer limits the size of the XML file that it can create or parse....

Eject all removables Disks

This small program is to eject removables Disks....

Seagate HDD repair Tools STComTools

Read and write software has already been able to SA, and sends data to the hard drive Central, together with instructions using your hard Disk can be To the. For example: 9, 10 f-guide in addition to using the "f-Guide" button, can do 1, class f 2, enter the D60,2 command line carriage retur...


Virtual Disk SDK is a library for software developers that allows to create virtual drives and Disks, format them to FAT or NTFS or other file system, and mount as if they were physical devices without having to write low level driver code. Using Virtual Disk SDK requires no experience in kernel mod...

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