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Use 51 MCU way to use the algorithm to generate spwm program

Use 51 MCU way to use the algorithm to generate spwm program...

program on the basis of the object

program on the basis of the object-oriented programming with detailed comments. Executes drawing of ground, dear, at home, trees and lines of electricity transmissions....

Dsp28335 spwm

Dsp28335 produces three-phase spwm signal applications in micro-inverter and principle analysis of spwm signal generation and related to Dsp28335 register configuration...

Dsp28335 produces spwm program

Dsp28335 spwm procedures, comments and other content, based on the c language, suits the beginner  to learn, and very easy to understand...

spwm algorithm

Application backgroundPulse modulation technology by certain rules to control the on-off of the switching element, to obtain a set of constant amplitude and width of the rectangular pulse waveform, is used to approximate sinusoidal voltage waveform. Pulse width modulation technology in Inverter Appl...

Dsp28335_BIOS code

Application backgroundDsp28335_BIOS code, create their own, including Hwi, Swi, Task...

spwm output

How to output of spwm in the STM32, PWM output configuration instructions, choose the TIMER job in 36MHZ, conversion cycles, CCR2, TIM1 needs to add this sentence, seemingly low-level timer does not need...

Based on the F28335 process of spwm

spwm---F28335 Complementary PWM outputs six, controlled three-phase switching, phase difference of 120 degrees, triggering,Dead 4.27us, duty cycle interrupt self-regulation reach spwm....

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