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Books written in c # to send SMS through a GSM moden

Books written in c # to send SMS through a GSM moden, allows connection of a GSM modem to your PC and interacts with this AT command through. Provides a complete package of classes that enables sending and receiving SMS messages....

Books Management System

The main work of this designThe graduation project is mainly designed and implemented a WEB-based Sunshine Bookstore online shopping system, the user can browse a variety of book-related information on the homepage, by determining whether the user has logged in, you can complete the purchase, the go...

Bookshoponline in php

this is sourec code is a project for mini project for student who study in university ,it is a easy code student can edit and  understand the code can edit, as you want...

Bookstore app in angular.js for the beginners

This is simple Bookstore app, which make use of anjular.js.This is helpful for the beginners who are interested in angular.js.You will esily understand the code the can explore your are ideas using angular.js  once u understand thecode in Bookstore app. ...

Bookstore full JSP application projects

This system is a complete JSP applications, suitable initial JSP programming experience friends and learning purposes.Software development is the main idea and structure, this system might be useful in this respect.This system contains full source code, the right friends on this basis draw the actua...

Online Book Store

online book store project built in java(jsp/servlet). using mysql database. the project contains all the code and database file that has the extension .sql in the project folder. project contains very user friendly interface using the JavaScript and CSS....

Bookstore Web site templates

A book store templates, used for testing experimental examples for your reference. Total composition: databaseimagesmete-infweb-infadminBooks.jspadminmeun.jspadvsearch.jspbookdatail.jspbookd.jspbardtypesgrid.jspcardtypesrecord.jspcategoriesgrid.jspcategoriesrecord.jspcommon.jspdefault.jspdirinfo.cci...

Books Management System

Books are regarded as the brain of any institute; many institutes understand the importance of the library to the growth of the institute and their esteem users (students).  BMS support the general requirement of the library like acquisition, cataloguing, circulation. Library proje...

Books Data Report System

This Books data Report system written with visual basic 6.0 and access database allows us to renter the book records and displays the entire report....

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