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Email sent simple notes

Email sent simple notes, use send such features to send SMTP mail, attached to the attachment feature is suitable for beginners to make...

Email sending using c #

ejifdhsj,cmn,xhjljxn h,jkn, .kjndflkjvn mxkjdvjkkz,nxvvhdjkn uzlhn digb jhdfsbvjb kbdhb dkjhbljbsa,vnkbdsj ,m,ds...

Android native Email source code

Android Email systems, using a Java language development, you can download!...

Email Spoofer

I was browsing my computer and i found a Email spoofer that i made sime time ago i decided to share Some screenshots:Email Spoofer at work file:

Secure PHP MySQL Email verification

The powerfull PHP Email verification service with MySQL connection. It can be integrated to all CMS platforms....

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